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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Previously 3 weeks ago I've told myself, 1000 followers on instagram then only i will write a new entry on my blog!! Until then yes!!! I thought is been almost a month without any update here and fuhh!! what a journey!! and my followers on Instagram is reach 1k yesterday!! I am so happy, glad and thankful! One of the reason  because most of my new followers are Belgian!  Yes perhaps i can make new contact more with local people over here. Thousand thanks to all my followers in there who keep supporting by following, liking as well commenting every picture i have put in there.

Btw let's talk about the topic eh! as in the title above!LOL! Hahah!! What not to be proud when i am myself, imagining, cutting, designing, tailoring, sewing and wearing my own entire DIY outfit. Obviously it
was also my first experience designing a dress and it's so lucky me because it turn out pretty good! This dress i am specially made for myself to attend Brussels fashion Days last month.

Usually straight cutting dress are the most easiest outfit to design. This is because the length between the shoulder, and from shoulder to the waist is the only part that u have to concern more during the measurement process or sometimes it doesn't have to be at all. It's all depends on what u want and need. But in my case, yes!! i do care in some part. Believe it or not! i did cut this dress without any pattern! Just some measurement on my shoulder to chest part, and from my chest part to my waist area. That it! It was a battle and in case if is wouldn't turn good, i bought extra fabrics! Haha..

It took me one whole day non stop to prepare this outfit. Some part as usually i hand sewing, The most special part in the collar area where i have mix some of my Malay culture tradition ethnic hand embroidery it call jahit mata lalat. (thanks to my mum who thought me how to do this on my previous life) 5hrs i spend my time just for that. Its crazy isn't it? But again in my another perception? Why not? I am fashion lover and for me real fashionista sometimes have to know how to design, tailor and sewing their own outfit..

How i defined myself when i wore this outfits?? Phewww it's hard to say... when i have to make my own judgement about my own outfit. But i received comment from the instagrammers (those who saw me during that event) mentioning 'super stylish'... and etc. Anyway i am not gonna talk much and i just wanna let all this picture speaks some words for me.

Picture taken last week in the studio by my usual favourite photographer Bram. After all! It was a great experience! hahah! from designing till photo shooting i am feeling like i am a real designer. I hope u guys enjoy every picture i have upload here. I am looking forward for my another post in my next coming soon Christmas/new year project! and hey next time is being duo! Stay tune guys!! xx

Here is some detail of the item i mix and match during my photo shoot session and as well the fashion event
Bag pack :lancel
Shoes : Nike af1 by footlocker
Fabric of this dress :les tissus
Boyfriend Blazer : Vintage MeltingPotKilo
Necklace : newlook
Accessories : veritas
Baseball caps : by newera footlocker

The fabric!! 
Patterning and cutting process 
Hand Embroidery in the making

I am pink and soft

and Colourful

and i am fun

and serious too!!

i am who i am... I don't change myself for others

lets go and join me!!

For a hippy hippy dance!

I let you think what you think.. 

and a little smile would do!

Yeah yeah!! another vibes! 

And at times she can be so crazy!!

but still generous

when it comes to her fashions sense

and to the haters!!

I don't give u a fuck!! One because i am loud!

and 2 because I am ready 

For a talk

The whole mix and match 

The neck part 


Closeshoot part 2

The total look 

Isnt it a fashion disaster 

Hand sewing part 1

Hand sewing part 2

Hand sewing part 3 

Hand sewing part 4

behind look 

Special modern cut 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Its crazy when i wasn't in front of the PC there a lots more idea and plan and point i would like to talk and writing about. and when it comes the times the always been..... pfffftttttt... What i am planning to write and to talk and i tot i have some idea about what write today. and just in sudden its all gone. Damn it. This what i hate. LOL

Btw on this entry i am going to give close up about my DIY item which i sewed and design myself for Antwerp Fashion Days last month. It comes with plenty of pictures since i have my photo shoot on this DIY skirt  during my birthday.

Lots of times when i am doing my shopping i never plan myself to waste my money for buying any much clothing especially skirt because in my eyes skirt is one the most easiest thing to sew. As well i thought would be great idea if i am not buying any much because i don't want to wear the same pattern, and style that other girls and women wear. This is how the idea comes to me. And for me sometimes being fashionista is not because the label or the brand you are carrying and wearing or buying. But it always more than that.. this is why too i choose to sew because its limited! Nobody can have the exact same stuff as me!

As i notice this year, Midi skirt is making a comeback and it become one of the hottest trend in fashion line. many kind of style and in many type of material I've seen. From cotton, jersey, even the hardest lace nowadays it can turn into this midi skirt. Big shopping store name like Zara, Topshop, ASOS and etc are fully loaded for selling this item. Midi/pleated skirt is used to be famous during 70's and 80's. Person who usually wore this can be categorize as classy and chic and feminine because most of the time the cutting is not above the knee. And the pattern are usually not to tight and not to exposed with the body figure and little

Thus, i took this opportunity of trying to make one for myself. As u can see later few some of my picture close shot how i made it, and what I've been pair with it. The material is made from cotton and it only 6€ per meter. I usually bought all the material i need from this shop name Du Chien a Vert in Brussels. Plenty of choices and whenever i am there i always turn into a crazy women because i don't know what to choose and to buy! LOL. As well the shop assistant there they can hardly speak English, but it highly recommended because they offer the best quality in term of the fabric comparing the rest of other near by shop.

There is some tips and ideas i would like to share for those who interested of having/buying/sewing midi pleated skirt. This comes through my eyes and thought about do or don't :

- The smaller the pleated it gives the illusion that u are skinnier then the real figure. Actually midi skirt its perfect for skinny small size girl.

- Medium size/ Big size girl there always chance to have it. As long u choose the rite style, design and material.

- When u choose or buying make sure the size of the waist length are fit on your waist just nice. This gives the illusion that u don't have fat on your waist. weather if u just having your lunch meal its little tight is ok because the food is still 'stucking' on your belly in little moment! Haha! But i am serious. Please take note.

- For skinny people good to have the big pleated as it makes your figure little bit more curvy. and it apposite  goes to the big size people. Never choose big flower prints on your skirt  because it will it gives the illusion u have bigger hump (Big size person).

- U can always pair them with simple shirt/blouse/tshirt, -printed skirt for plain shirt. tank in or not depends on the style of the and the length u have on your shirt.

- if u wanna be feminine always pair them with wedges, pump and heel. U can never go wrong with it if u want to look little bit more outgoing and stylish u can always pair them with a sport shoe, sneakers, platformshoes this becoming a big trend as it seen in runway fashion week in Paris, London, Milan, NY and etc!

Ok guys i have enough of sharing my tips! enjoy the look of my DIY item and stay tune for more update and entry! xx

Close Shot. Ive paired it with my airforce sneakers

Picture by Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

My little wonder is with me too

Make Up and grooming by me. Photo Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

Big Pleated is what i choosed to make. Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

Can i reach that level somedays? Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

I am walk my talk. Not just talk the talk. Picture credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

Hey You! U and You! Picture credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

While i am struggling myself to give the best post. Paparazzi around.. LOL Picture credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

Justice the Palace Louise Brussels 

They been telling me, This is the best shot. Pictute credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography

I was scared actually. Looking at the height from the top. Pictute credit to Bram Van der Zanden Photography

I tot this is nice to Ehh Ehh.. Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

Qis and ibu§ Dancing!Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

And Walk the walk...Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

To the......Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

Louise Square I go!! Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

To the sky i fly Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

I am strong... Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

I am tough Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

And i am daring... Picture Credit to Bram Van Der Zanden Photography 

The Look of my diy! Flower from claires, Pump from New Look, Clutch from Ted Baker and top from Zara

Close shot. Picture taken by me

The art.. Isnt perfect yet. Picture taken by me

Inside... Hand sew.. Picture taken by me

Inside... Hand sew.. Picture taken by me

Inside..... Picture taken by me

Outside detail Picture taken by me

Outside detail Picture taken by me

Outside detail Picture taken by me

Outside Pleated detail Picture taken by me

Outside detail Picture taken by me

Lady in Pink Outside detail Picture taken by me

What ive been inspired.