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Saturday, July 25, 2015


Shortly after my vintage window shopping therapy, I've took little bit more time to explore around the city. Although weather seems little bit cloudy, as i know it was not really my favourite moment to take a shot, but i still doing my best of producing my own photo shoot of my entire outfit look. Happened to realise there was a fun fair just near the metro subway station 'Porte De Halle'. With more than 10 fun fair games all over that area, hihi, I've felt like i was in a little Disneyland park in Paris.

Ok, lets talk about my outfit I've worn yesterday. It was nice light blue bow tie shirt dress i bought last 2 weeks ago and yeah! it was on sales! Cost me only €27 from &otherstories Tie Neck dress. Made from thick cotton fabric this dress gave me a very super good extra comfort. I thought it was also extra special cute because i can transform the tie around the neck area became a bow tie. That is also the reason why i bought this dress. Of coz i match it with my white sneakers from Adidas Stan Smith, my cross body vintage Delvaux handbag, and also my military trench coat from my recent purchased from MeltingPot Kilo shop.

So, below is the rest of the picture I've took around the city yesterday. Enjoy the scroll guys!! xx


Today i devoted little time of my own, so I've decided to take myself for little bit of vintage window shopping therapy at my most favourite vintage shop in Brussel name MeltingPotKilo. I went there frequently at least once a month, and most of the time if i went there, hihi... of coz i bought something. Although there plenty of vintage shop just around the same area, but at the end, i still preferred this shop because most of the time their stocks have always been replaced with something else. Compared to another shop to, this shop is well decorated and i can always find what i want easily. Ive usually spend least 2-3 hrs just to check each item one by one because i do have some particulars taste and i know to find the best one, usually for vintage item it always take time. They also open on Sunday! It nice isn't it??

The main entrance
All the selection. Summer Edition 
Charged by kilo. Not by pieces
Busy drama-ing.. Hahaha
Children Selection 
Interior Part 1
Interior Part 2
Ok bye! Satisfied face!!

Just after that, i 'accidently' went inside Rocking road Shop just because I've attracted to the beauty and how unique the shop concept is. Almost similar to vintage style with their own class, but this shop carry all this original authentic item such as Levis, Lee, and etc at a very affordable price! Since it a month of sales, they selling some of their item with 50% discount. Ahhhh.. Talk too much also not good. Haha.. U better see all the picture i make later. Then, of cos my outfit look photo shoot while walking and exploring Brussels. So guys! Happy scrolling..

Busy inspecting around
Interior Part 1
Interior Part 2
Some of their sales Selection
The Entrance

Friday, July 24, 2015


Combination of modern, versatility, high street style, casual and sporty enough i would say Zanerobe is going to be one of the most wanted/hottest menswear label in Europe. This Australian based brand recently just widen up their name through out European market and Kudeta Store Antwerp  is became one of the outlet store who is distributing their brand. Suitable for most youngsters from the age between 15-35 years old, Zanerobe is making their promised that their quality wised it will be up for everyone satisfaction.

I was at Kudeta Store in Antwerp the last 2 weeks ago, to meet in person few of the Zanerobe teams members. Well done presentations, the spoke person who have answered every questions that have given to them perfectly without any single script in their hand. So perfect, full of motivation and  confidence! Here are some of the pictures i managed to snap during the event.
So guys, why not take a visit at Kudeta Store to discover this brand! xx

Zanerobe Spoke person
Deborah, and Liz
Me and Jane 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Lately I've realized, my fashion sense is changing little by little. Although is little bit more minimal, but I've still want to have little bit more touch of colour on my look. Doesn't matter on which part, either outerwear,pants, shirt, handbags, or my accessories at least 1 or 2  of this 'section' it a MUST on colour.

So, yesterday I've playing with this basic white collar Shirt that i match it with this yellow green high waist trousers. Yes as you can see, white sneakers is a must to balance the colour together with my shirt and also my nike gym bag pack which is came in blue and white. To finish the touch I've put on my earring in pink colour. Owh yes, my military trench coat is to balance the colour of my trouser. Just like that.. What ya think? Do you like it?

Wondering where i went to? hihi.. Of cos you already know.. I went to Antwerp! But what for i went to Antwerp?? Wait.. Little bit more you know the answer. Perhaps tomorrow!! Bye

So guys, here are the details of what i am wearing yesterday
Military Trench Coat : Vintage Melting Pot Kilo Shop €10
White Shirt : Zara Trf On Sale €14
Trouser : Zara Trf On Sale €24.99
Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith Gloss from Foot Locker
Bag : Nike Gymsack Heritage from Foot Locker
S.Necklace : Pull and Bear
Earring : Lovisa

Friday, July 3, 2015


It all started early in the morning when the cameraman Bram inviting me for little photo shoot session to test his new lens that he just purchased. This is the total look outfit ive worn during my little trip to Antwerp last Tuesday. Hihi..

Not much story i can tell to everyone of you. If you know me, I've played a lots with vintage. For me, to buy a good item is not because of its label, the cost, but it always depends on the look or how much feeling i had for the cloth. Hihi. I will never buy that when i am in doubt.

All of this pieces I've got from my favourite vintage store close to the area where i lived. if you know me hihi.. Of coz Melting PotKilo shop. How did i manage to have that Vintage Delvaux sling bag? Yes, the easiest answer you can always look it through this online website vestiaire collective. In case you interested to have the same sling bag, they had plenty of those item in their website at a very reasonable price.

Ive worn :
Shades : Vintage Flea Market (€5)
Earring : lovisa
Sandal : pull and bear
Sling bag : Vintage Delvaux
Top : Vinage Melting Pot Kilo Shop
Skirt : Vintage Melting Pot Kilo

Ok guys! I got to go! Enjoy the look. xx