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Thursday, December 31, 2015


It was damn annoying earlier when i have to go to the city center Brussels just to buy one little thing...It so called lemongrass. Yeah.. Lemongrass. If you don't know what lemongrass is.. Just google it. Hahaha. Yeah is true though. Usually in my home country village, we can easily find this lemongrass everywhere without have to go to the city center to buy it. My mum usually plant it behind our house backyard too. Here... Aihhhhh.. Just for that.. Silly ehh..

But then, i have took this opportunity earlier of course by playing dress up and making some picture on my outfit by my own. You know, as a fashionista.. Everyday is a runway, and my runway today is at Brussels, located just around the corner at of the asian shop call Kam Yuen. But then,Even inside the shop, i still called it my runway on my own way. Hahaha.. There is no rule for me when it come to fashion.

So, this is what i have worn earlier. A Vintage Male long sleeve shirt and wool long pant both i bought it at Spit Leuven and each pieces it cost me only €1 . Damn cheap rite? Then the outer vintage trench coat from MeltingPotKilo shop in yellow brown color to match with my polka dot scarf and my vintage Delvaux cross body handbag. To give this old vintage look into something extra more stylish and modern i folded my bottom little higher, the same thing goes with my shirt sleeves and my coat too. Owhh yeah.. Paul frank socks in gray and little bit of red on it and i put it together with my Nike Airforce1 in white. That all. I hope you like the idea? Hihi..

Sunday, December 27, 2015


The other day when my husband did some laundry, by accident he putting one of my vintage sweater inside the dry machine at a maximum heat for 1hr 40min. Owhhhh.. I was really sad, that this beautiful
knit sweater goes double than the original size itself. Almost having fight with my hubby, hahahahaha.l then I realised.... Ehhhh wait, this could maybe turn into something else. So, I use some of my imagination and creativity to change the look of the knit sweater and now it became an overdose knit sweater dress. 

So, as normal, I do play with mix and match except my 'new' vintage trench jacket that  recently bought at melting pot kilo shop in Brussels. CosT me at only €13. Owhhh. It gave a really beautiful contra, everything so well blended. Brown, little bit of light yellow and dark blue on my scarf.. Just perfect for dark, cold and windy winter in here. 

So, here are some of the photo I have made the other day. So, what do you think?

I've worn : 
Yellow polkadot scarf : Zara 
Camel brown Jacket : Vintage Melting pot kilo 
Knit sweater : Vintage meltingpot kilo 
Sneakers : Adidas Superstar 
Eyewear : Fendi 
Handbag : Vintage Delvaux 

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Just when I was about to get out from the subway station the other day, a girl approaching me from behind and she was trying to tell something in French. But, at the end only one word that she spoke that I can understand 'Instagram' Arghhhh.. Then I realised maybe she is one of my follower on my Instagram. After that, I ask her, if she can talk in English..Then she told me, she is amazed with the picture I have on my Instagram. All beautiful Couldn't have much time talking to each other we both separately made a different direction out. 

This is how I felt after that. Inspired by the feedback make me feel that I should put more effort by making the best picture of my outfit either on my Instagram and my blogspot. I wish i have a personal photographer who can make picture for me. Somehow, I realised is not easy to produce my own photo. I really have to know the angle and at the same time I really have to stand at the focus I have put on my camera. If not, I have to repeat the same for. Maybe... 39x.. Is damn annoying and tiring 😓😓😓 

So, here are some of the outfit photo I have made for myself the other day. The dress is almost look like a DVF wrap dress but instead this dress I bought 6 month ago during summer sales period from andthe other stories store in Brussels. You know as a person who like discount, haha this one cost me only €17 from the total amount of €70. Good purchase, I love the cute print, in grey, made from high quality cotton and It is super comfortable to wear and adding to that it came together with the tie that I can wrap all around my waist. I've paired it with my grey cardigan that almost have the same length as the dress. So, enjoy everyone!


This is the outfit i have worn last weekend during my outing in Ghent.  I repeatedly wearing almost the same outfit like last  season since i didn't wear them frequently due to lot of problem. Hahaha. Such a nightmare. As an example, my faux leather pants. Due on my previous weight issue, i could not hold and wear it so much ever since i bought this pants 3 years ago. It is sad, but then recently i realized that i loose a lot of my body weight. It is getting much more easier for me to zip this pant. Last time, i have to hold my breathing for least for 3 minutes just to squeeze them on. Haha.. You know, every women problem

Lets talk about this over sized coat on my recent purchase from Thinktwice shop in Leuven. As i realized, the trend this season is all about the length of the coat. The longer the better, and can even be over on the sized too. On my previous experience buying coat that can just fit the size of my body it was not a great idea at all. After all i noticed it can be damn horrible on the fitting because at the end of the day, i still need to layering myself with thick knitwear/sweater inside. So, little bit over sized is ok because in the end.. Easy and convenience. Wait.. Before i forgotten..

For the cost of €1.. What do you think of this coat??  My friend told me this coat is incredibly beautiful inside and out. It doesn't suit with the price i have paid. She even asking the exact location of the shop and she wanted to try her luck.. You know, i cannot wait for their €1 day again.

The rest of my outfit detail

Faux leather pants - Zara
Sweater - Rabakz
White Shirt - Zara
Bagpack - Zara
Sneakers - Adidas superstar