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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


A week ago when i was at Liege for some photography work for a friend of mine who celebrating her 26th birthday. Haha if i am not mistaken. Hopefully she wont see and reading this article. I don't even know how old is she actually. Hahahahaha.. So like a old generation quotes in Malays said "Sambil menyelam minum air" in English it means we can always take a extra benefit and advantage to the one things were doing at the same time. In my content here I've finally got some idea how liege city look like, by doing some little touring and travel around the city Since I've never been to this city ever since i live here. 

Owhh.. I am amazed by looking at the architecture of this train station. White in colour with a minimal and modern on the design and the structure. From far distance, so massive and almost look like a international airport. This is one of the best train station I've ever seen after Antwerp train station. Just before the i leave home, I've decided to take a little tour at the city area. Nothing much happening during Sunday morning except the fresh market just near the center next to the river. Typically Europe, i can never seen any shop open during Sunday. Boring ehh?? 

So, this are the outfit Ive worn the other day during the trip. Yellow blouse with a cute black polka dot in it. Since it wasn't too cold that day, so I've decided to put on my black faux leather jacket. To balance the contrast between the black polka dot and bright yellow blouse I've decided to match it with my black tight legging. Is a safe way of dealing with this casual wear and when it comes to yellow, black is the best colour to match it with. One of the reason i choose to wear this outfit because of the comfort especially when i have to deal and travel on a long distance, carrying my heavy bag pack which is full with lots of stuff inside. Haha. 

Ok bye. Until next time

Yellow Polkadot Blouse : ThinkTwice Leuven €4
Tight legging : Zara
Faux leather jacket : Zara
Sneakers : Adidas superstar
Cross body handbag : Delvaux Vintage

Sunday, March 27, 2016


Yesterday It was my last day of my practical work at Pull and Bear shop in Leuven. As soon as i entered and start my work, the manager of the shop Madina told me.. Yeahhh.. You are on casual boho outfit today. So, this is how the title of my new article start. At the beginning when I've worn this outfit i don't even have any idea what kind of style i am having yesterday.

So, let talk about this Bohemian fashion. What i have seen mostly about bohemian is always been a idea of a woman, with long curly blond/brown hair, natural face, dress up with maxi dress mostly natural colour with some ethnic print on it too, wearing a hat, with kind a colourful and big accessories especially the necklace, bracelet on top of that fringe cross body handbag. Sandal, boots, heel anything that can relate to Boho style. Wow. Isn't it amazing?Do you know, Bohemian fashion/style is running fresh again for the summer season. 

Yeah, those description is little too much for me. Femininity are no longer for me. Maxi dress, heels, accessory, necklace?? Uhuuuuu.. Maybe that sometime later i will show you my feminine Bohemian classic style. But, for this moment let talk about this look.

The pieces I've paired together completely makes me happy. Many of the customer at my work place been asking me where can they get the same pieces like what i have worn. I am struck at the questions but then.. again when i am thinking of that I've realized, Price doesn't count the total look. This are the pieces I've bought at Think twice shop during their €1 day last week. Knowing myself, i loves matching thing nicely so i can totally get a good result on each look i am creating. I've paired the over sized brown pant with a strip sweater who have almost have similar strip color with my handbag. As casual as i can, ive put on my own DIY military choker, and then adding to that my brown color adidas superstar.

Style advise :
Tuck in some part of your shirt/sweater in case is little bit bigger than your real size
Over sized shirt/sweater went well with palazzo kind of pants
If you dont like to wear sneakers, you can always put on your stiletto, This give little bit of femininity and classy on your look.
Oversized blazer/jacket can go really good on this look.

Military Choker - DIY my own collection. Making at your request. €6 p/pc
Sweater - Think Twice Brussels €1
Pants : Think Twice Brussels €1
Earring : Claires