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Friday, July 24, 2015


Combination of modern, versatility, high street style, casual and sporty enough i would say Zanerobe is going to be one of the most wanted/hottest menswear label in Europe. This Australian based brand recently just widen up their name through out European market and Kudeta Store Antwerp  is became one of the outlet store who is distributing their brand. Suitable for most youngsters from the age between 15-35 years old, Zanerobe is making their promised that their quality wised it will be up for everyone satisfaction.

I was at Kudeta Store in Antwerp the last 2 weeks ago, to meet in person few of the Zanerobe teams members. Well done presentations, the spoke person who have answered every questions that have given to them perfectly without any single script in their hand. So perfect, full of motivation and  confidence! Here are some of the pictures i managed to snap during the event.
So guys, why not take a visit at Kudeta Store to discover this brand! xx

Zanerobe Spoke person
Deborah, and Liz
Me and Jane