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Friday, February 27, 2015


Red, blue, white, yellow and pink..This 4 colours is always been my favourite. Don't be surprised if you see me lots in those  type of colours every season. Who cares btw.. Nowadays even in winter there no such thing that you only can wear dark and fall colour on that season. Is bullshit. As of yesterday, Moschino just came out with their Autumn and winter collection 2015 and yes as i can see it!! It so perfect and beautiful... Because i know why.. It is because of the colour.

Colour brighten up your day baby!! As much as this winter has always been so freaking dark, why not brighten up the face of you with some colours. Take it or leave it. If anyone telling you "hey it winter, why are you wearing such as this bright colour?".. Maybe it times u should tell them.."Hello it is 20th century by the way".. What and why you are still living inside the caves!! Hahaha.. LOL straight to the point in sarcastic way my dear!! and now just get off from that caves and keep up with that  iambloggerwannabe.. lol

Ok lets talk about this moschino collection AW2015. Here is the picture of some model in runway wearing their ready wear Moschino collection for Autumn and Winter Season for the year of 2015.Is beautiful isn't it??

Here i am back to the topic of my oufit i wore today. Basically i played with my few favourite colours and combined it into1set of outfit. Plenty of red, bit of blue and little bit of yellow and white in it. Did you remember one of the most famous games in the era of 80s? Mr Mario... Yes.. Hahah.. Yes Mr Mario is back but in real life in women version! LOL!! Hahahah.. 

It has always been my favourite lately to have wear my knit/sweater/shirt in over sized. I dont know why maybe one of the trend this days and as well i think is more descent. So u can see it later the version of my own 'moschino' outfit i wore today. So much inspired with their collection and yes!! i got mine the other day at the vintage MeltingPotKilo shop and it cost me only €7.50. Hahaha.. How dare i am, for comparing that €7.50 sweater outfit with that beautiful Moschino. 

This is what i decided to match my vintage sweater with 
Panty hose : Striking blue panty hose by veritas
Sneakers : Nike Air Force 1
Beanie : by Jennyfer 
Winter coat : Morgan last year season 
Handbag : Vintage Lancel 

Some tips for you if u want to have such of this colourful outfit ;
- Minimized some of your make up. Enough colour on your clothing but you don't need to look like a clown by the end of the day. LOL
- Make it contra based on bright and dark 
- Bright with bright sometimes can be against you. Be careful!
- Do not mix to much colour in once. 2/3 or maximum 4.

Ok guys happy watching. xx



Monday, February 23, 2015


Since my life just turn up to be a real blogger, I have so much fun of examine myself of styling with different type of clothing, mix and match them in every different ways i want. Sometimes takes lots of guts and I am wasting too much time just to pick and mix!.. Hahaha.. And yes!!!I bet it happened to every women and men in this earth! It is crazy isn't it?

Hey for what I've wrote earlier did not happened to me yesterday. I have to be quick because I am so scared of loosing the sun. Decided to  just put on my green colourful vintage knit, tight, less heavy make up, and then I go! I'm off to have some weekend walk, eating my most Japanese favourite food sushi near the town for my lunch with my little girl.

Since my hubby is not around with me, so I have no choice of making and taking my own picture using my nice little iPhone5 connected to is with my little selfie stick and tripod! Hahaha..Check the picture below! Have fun all! Xx

What I Wore Yesterday :
Knitwear : vintage by MeltingPotKilo
Legging : Zara high waist
Handbag : Fully leather Guess suave quilted carryall bag
Sneakers : Nike Air Force 1
Winter jacket : by zara
Watches : Boyfriend pattern watches by Fossil

Friday, February 20, 2015


As i have already been using this product for 2 years yet within those 2 years I've keep myself trying to use another product.. But still, I ended and return back to my this sweet 'soulmate'... pure active intensive scrub by garnier. What ever for some people said, the more we paid the better the result.. Maybe yes... I agree on it.. sometimes it can be true... But in my case I don't need sk-11 or Chanel or what so ever tip top luxuries label in the market nowadays.

When I first using my 'soulmate' it was the best feeling I ever  like me myself imagining I was in the 5 star spa resort having my entire facial massage with the best massager in this earth! Haha.. But actually in reality it wasn't because of the massager  ..but it was because of the scrub that contain in this product giving me the best feeling during the cleaning process... It seems like this scrub it work effectively and cleaning my face deeply inside my skin!! It is rough and hard but I think the harder the feeling the better.. It clean more.. After all it was the best time ever.. Feeling so fresh, super duper hygienically clean. For those who have always using body scrub product for their body wash,  I am highly recommend you to try this product. U won't regret.. Even if u regret, u don't have to cry all day long because this product cost only €8.. Hahaha!!

This is the description I pull out from the pack behind. I've manage to translate it to English by using Google Translate. Haha.. :D

"The formula combines salicylic charcoal known for its cleansing and absorbing properties , re effectively reduces impurities and sebum. foamy texture contains exfoliating particles deep cleanse the skin and help to remove impurities" -

As far as I concern and I realised all the description return on the pack behind it matches exactly as how it mention, but of coz I did not expect myself to see the result in 1 day and my 'soulmate' is really giving me satisfaction to the highest level. Here is the picture that u may want to see and refer to if u consider want to give it a try. Good luck all! Xx 

Monday, February 16, 2015


Playing dress up some spring outfit today to visit my grandparents in Brussels. As the weather forecast showed today is going to be a sunny day. As i thought why not wearing those cloth.. haha but then end up shrinking myself to the bone. But never a failure always a lesson next time!!

Decided to put on myself my vintage 80s dress makmak i bought last 2 years  ago during my first visit in Paris. Only today had a chance to have worn them because this dress is one of the item i left in KL. Lucky enough i got it back during my holiday in KL!! Yay!!

Although is already been 2 years, but i still can remember the exact name of the shop. It call kilo-shop. It a second hand:vintage shop which is selling thousands of their item in kilo. variety kind of item from different type of label from women to men is all there!! It a place where i would call vintage heaven!! Basically i can just choose what i want, then i weight myself and then pay it at the counter!! as simple as that!!

Here is some picture of how i paired my vintage 80s dress by putting on some modern element in it. Maybe this could help you if inspired by having or buying this type of dress or you have some vintage outfit but yet you are not sure how to pick and mix! Or some for your spring look later!!

P/s : Hello your mini van is so beautiful just like your company name!! Here i throw u some beautiful picture of your mini van and giving you some free advertisement!!