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Friday, January 30, 2015


Tidak likat dan agak cair, teksturnya juga sangat lembut.. Tahan lama sepanjang hari,
Juga sesuai digunakan untuk apa jua keadaan cuaca. Juga senang dicuci, tahan lama dalam cuaca sejuk juga panas. Setelah menggunakan Product ini selama 1 bulan inilah Pengalaman yang saya rasakan. Hahaha.. Kelakar rasanya bila saya Bicara dalam bahasa ibunda saya bahasa Malaysia. Di sini adalah direct link kepada produk yang saya gunakan buat masa ini.  makeup forever foundation HD/N173 bolehlah rujuk ke kaunter makeup forever yang berdekatan. Untuk kesan yang Lebih hebat dan natural juga cantik, menarik juga debooombaabaaa..silahlah pilih warna foundation yang bersesuaian dengan warna kulit anda! Gambar di bawah juga adalah kesan yg saya dapat bila menggunakan produk ini. Selamat mencubanye ya!! Xx

Monday, January 26, 2015


I myself often went to the men garment area during my shopping duty.. Either just to survey what is the men latest trends, new in item or their season collection and etc! Don't be surprised too if sometimes some of the item I also bought come from the men section. Hahaha..

Last week I went to the shopping street in Brussels Niuewstraat just to look around for myself and giving me  little bit of little eyes treatment. Haha.. Yes, it was.. It is a really little treatment because I only bought one piece of item during my 'visit' there.. There out of plenty of store that offer variety of label, brands and and for those who is really familiar with nieuwstraat is well known as one of the famous shopping street in Brussels.

Yes! Sales season is the madness! Omg!!! Women with shopping! Never end!!Hahaha..My eyes is become blind because of the round out discount price they gave!!! Obviously I love sales season in Brussels a lots!!! One of the store I've notice gave a really low price is Springfield! Their season sale collection item are so awesome and for the 3rd week of sale but they still have a plenty of range collection with variety of rob bottom price! It's cool eh!

Springfield is the store where I bought my boyfriend shirt I wore last week during my date out with my hubby!! Believe it or not, it was from the men garment section. It's better be rite? It so called boyfriend shirt from the boyfriend cutting pattern it self!The bigger the size and the lower the length the better! The shirt is  made from combination of 2 different material . Cotton and polyester. Stretchable and yet so comfortable and also the price is on reduction. Ohhhhh.. From €29.99 and as in now become €9.99! It is super low!! Go and get some for yourself to now! Maybe u can buy it online too by using this direct link! While stock last my dear!! boyfriendshirt. if u inspired by this boyfriend shirt u can try to pair them like those picture below. Is how I mix and match them.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I know for those who really an alcoholic for cosmetic, as well makeup addicted, turn to be makeup lover like me they must to heard this naked eyeshadow palette by urbandecay. As I am so flattered to have the chances of owning one of their worldwide famous eyeshadow naked-3-palette and of coz the excitement of the first time owning this palette and having to use them.

If u asking me if I already tried it up? Of course the answer is yes, bummer! Haha.. There plenty of feedback I've love to share about this lovely palette. But I will reveal little by little because the less I reveal the better the point it will be.

The first time I got the chances of trying them it was during my vacation in Malaysia. Sephora in bukit bintang outlet where the place I bought. I do not have any chances to buy them in belgium because there is no urban decay outlet or even shop who carry Urban decay product. Unless if I am willing to make the trip nearest in sephora outlet in Lille France.phewwww...least 3 hours travel and 5 time peeing to get in there by train. Hahahaha..

 I've notice lots of time whenever I use others cosmetic brand (I do not want to mention the name) I found out that they are not that lasting... But it is so different when I've use this palette. It last forever and it stays even in any weather conditions. Whenever during Cold or hot season! It's Highly recommended.

It is less oily, and give the total glam on your eyes especially if u really loves to play with smokey eyes style. The combination of bronze,shining, dark, metallic is always match to each other and it does really give a subtle effect even for day and night purpose. It can never be any make up disaster even if you do not have any good experience in playing with makeup. It is good for the new learner tho.

what I love about this is palette is their colour from the natural beige, pinkish, even the darkest part of the colour, they are all super glam! It wasn't just because of that, the quality of the brush is giving the best control and effect! It will never smudge your downright eyes. Highly recommended! Go and get yours at the nearest store girl!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hello all! It's been a while without any update on my blog. The only reason is due to my busiest month I had last month because of my 1 month vacation I had back in my home country Malaysia. Plenty of secret I had during my last vacation to be share to all of you. As in one of it is the item I discovered inside this 9 carton of boxes which I left behind 2 years ago before I made up to live in Belgium

How can this thing happened btw? Haha! Lots of drama and stories I have to keep up within that 2 years just because of that boxes!! Damn it!! Malaysian rules and term, immigration, even with the courier company and the responsible person Im dealing with! They are all money sucker though. I hate them for this reason. That is why stucked for 2 years and I'm lucky enough because ... I have loyal friends that I can rely on! Thank you so much to them for helping me to keep all the boxes secured until I make my return last month.

There plenty of item I discover inside all the boxes, and one of the item I found is this
victorias-secret-bombshell fragrance and it comes together in one set included the body lotion and body wash. It was actually one of the wedding gift I receive from my hubby during the marriage ceremony last time. Omg! Haha!Wow!! What a relief for after 2 years only now I go the chances of having to try and using them.

Finally I brought back what i have back in the days with me. The complete set of this aftershave fragrance is super awesome. The smell is last forever, even the lotion is super soft, and I believe it contain more water in it because I've felt less sticky while I'm pouring them on my body. The same as the body wash too. Less bubbly but still the smell is super and soft like I'm having a real flower bathing. Less bubbly it also mean that the ph contain level is really high which mean it makes my skin less dry. (Coz I have dry skin)  Im happy with all the total result of having this item for myself. Looking forward to refilling them again. Lol.. But because in Belgium there only one Victoria secret store which is located at the Brussels Airport. Ooowwwww owwwwww... Not a good idea! But btw u  may can shop some Victoria secret item at the online shopping website. zalando. They may have all the item u need! Here is maybe some picture that u can refer during the purchase! Happy shopping all! Xx