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Monday, March 2, 2015


Wow!!! It is 1st day of March today!! I am now already starting writing the first entry for the month of March. Wow!! never realise times flies so quickly... I Am bless every single week at least I have some new articles to publish.. 

They said pictures is one of the best way of us showing our self without having to speak! Yes! Definitely I am so damn agree with that idea!! Is how I basically defining my whole entire gratitude, attitude and personality. One of the best elements of pictures for how we are showing our self is by how the way we play dress up. 

So here I am, basically I am kind of person which always have different type of style in each different  days. I am drastic/non static person!! I never know what I am going to wear until the day is coming. I don't usually like to stick to only one style.. As an example, Today I can be as feminine as much as I want, but for the next day I change myself into another style. It could be funky or casual and formal even grunge!! Haha. so watch out and stay tune to see more style of me each time on my post

It was Saturday Yesterday, while waiting for my appointment aka my collaboration style blogger to arrived from Antwerp city for photo shoot, we decided to play little bit of light, camera and action. Perfect  weather condition, sun is shining with little bit of wind.. But that does not a matter anymore. We just want to try our luck if we can make the best picture out of it!

As seen on all of the pictures below, here I reveal the outfit I worn yesterday. Just the combination of old and new, skater skirt I got from Zara last year, as well I pair it with the red colour wool jacket from Morgan, together I came out with the cardigan   I bought from Zara  during sales this year and that came along with me is my over sized blue shirt from Springfield and as well my baby blue Michael kors handbag! Owh one more thing.. Hahah that red flowery scarf that I also bought it in Zara. Ehhh ehhhh wait..left out to more my shade I bought in Paris last year during my travel/rayban aviator replica came with the mirror effect on the lens! Owh another one, is my statement necklace I bought it from Bershka.

All of the picture credit to : Bramvanderzandenphotography  
So guys enjoy scrolling the pictures!!