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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


I am kind a lazy to write.  So many choice you can pick from the link i made below. Take a look enjoy shopping. Just remember you can pick something bold and plain/minimal/without print is the best match/less print/but little bit more colourful on the outfit so it can well balance with that kind of outstanding statement handbag. Otherwise you going to look like a popeye the sailorman puttputttttt... Hahahaha.. xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I think everyone of you would be damn surprise if i say i am not really a t-shirt fan. Although t-shirt is one of the most comfortable outfit which everyone would wear it but then.. i don't go much for it. One of the reason maybe because is too simple in a kind of boring way. If you understand me well? Perhaps i don't have to explain more details why.. Hahaha is weird rite?

But the inner and the outer beauty of this vintage The Beatles T-shirt i have bought from this shop attract me enough just one second after i saw it. I knew exactly what i can match and mixed this t-shirt on the spot as soon i bought the shirt. With only €1.. The Beatles.. Who doesn't love / doesn't know The Beatles? Am i crazy of not buying it? I knew this shirt i awesome because every time i put this t-shirt on most of them been staring at my t-shirt.Hahaha..

They are one of the legendary rock and roll music band known worldwide. So, i better wear it with rite and pride. Rugged jean is one of the best match ever and nothing other than rugged jeans could slay this look. Sport shoes and my brown colour vintage Delvaux just to complete the whole look. Not to forget the brown leather belt. In case you didn't see it. For once; simple thing like this won my heart. How do you think of this outfit? Good enough to go with your casual day outing? Hihi.. Until next time. xx


Are you having problem or being scared of putting on bright color on your outfit? You scared you might end up look like a drunk clown after all? Haha! Is on point isn't it? As far as I noticed.. So many peoples loves to wear dark color outfit mostly black. Like everyday black? Really? Are you going for funeral every day?Even at work, visiting friends, outing with your friends/boyfriend/girlfriends, or going to the music festival..or attending your br/gf birthday ceremony.. And all the way black? Seriously? Almost funerals times everyday for you? Hahaha.. But as I understand black is one of the formal/classic color compared to any other colour, but seriously? Why are you choosing to wear black colour outfit all the time? I only wear black colour outfit when I am attending funerals/ some formal event...

Hey, maybe you can give it a try and by putting some bright color on your outfits or even on your accessories as and example your handbag, earring, necklace, hairband, shades, glasses and etc. Hey I supposed your skin and your face would be look even more happier, healthier than ever. Let's do it and maybe some tips and tricks below could help you?

1) Hey nothing wrong by wearing black/dark colours outfit actually. But, When your wear black/dark colour outfit all the way from the top to the bottom, try to mix and put some colorful accessories in it. 2 different combination of striking color on your scarf, handbag, shoes, earring, necklace and even your lipstick colour, Hey make sure the colour is well balance between each of them. Do not mixed more than 4 different color in once. Extra makeup with some color touch can be applied on this condition. This to enhance the look of your face because you choose to wear dark color outfit and please.. Smile more.. Hahaha.. Otherwise all the time funeral look on your face..Damn.. Hahahaha..

2) Hey hot/warm colors can goes really well with pastel colours and they are both always gave a good combination on the result. As an example pastel pink and fuchsia pink. The contrast.. Super yummy..almost like a cupcake.. Tasty like a candy before it have been crush. Haha.. Remember to look at the colour chart too in case you need it. Play less/minimized on the accessories or choose something simple, less make over too please.

3) Hot warm color is also super attachable with a dark color. In case.. You want to see it? As an example the outfit I have worn below. The flowery pink color ruffle midi dress.. Take a look at the combination of the color. Fuchsia pink vs dark blue on the fabric base.. Isn't it simple.. Yet outstanding. I choose not play hard with the accessories around. Black and white colour Dkny flap handbag to combined it with my Adidas superstar sneakers, then shades in natural brown tones with a cat eyes design in it, and not to forget pink color earring and scarf and the last touch goes to the blue trench coat in order to contrast it with the dark blue color base on my dress. Hey what do you think? Cute and trendy enough for you? Tasty enough?

Dress : thinktwiceleuven : €5 Vintage