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Saturday, October 31, 2015


Hello to all my lovely reader!

I am pretty sure everyone of you have your own best friend isn't it? A friend who you can always count on, at any kind of condition you are at! Hihi.. So the same as me too! My best friend vs my big sister and her name is Emma. She is Malaysian been living in Belgium for already almost 20 years! Hihi.. For me, in reality she is a treasure. Treasure which i cant afford to buy even if i own plenty of money. In real friendship we can also have a difficulty, argument in ideas, fighting over some misunderstanding? Does it ever happened to any of you too? I bet there is too. Its normal and i think there will always be a way that we can find each other back.

The reason why i wrote this article is because i wanted to show some of my appreciation which i had over her and i know always deep in my heart without her i will loss because.. Hahaha.. Read all this point please

  • She is my family. They said treat your best friend as how you treat your family too. So here it is. This time, i would say family isn't always count by blood. She is my best listener ever. She listened through my difficulties in many issues and she always there for me whenever i need her.
  • She is my shopping buddy. We both is shopaholic!! Hahahah. Least now you know.. As soon as we both can find time on each other, we both will have appointment together and shopping streets are one of our most desire destinations! 
  • Yeahhh!! She is my gossiping partner. Over everything. Usually we both talk, laugh, and so on. Why not? Even by texting, smsing, whatapping.. whenever we are free we both always trying to make time with each other. Most of the time we discussed about our shopaholic needed. 
  • She is also a fashion lover. She always worn trendy clothes! haha.. Also we both always had similar taste over everything. She sometimes asking my advice on what will look nice/good on her.
I think is more than enough. In friendship i don't really require much. As long as we can get along with each other well, similar characteristic and personalities that was just great. She is just so fancy over everything. Outside and inside!! For me my life without her is incomplete. Here were some of the pictures I've made during our outing in Brussels 2 weeks ago. At first we went to the Rue Nueve, then check in to Novotel where she overnight at, then before i return home we have some coffee at Hard Rock cafe nearby. Love you Emma!! xx

 Emma wearing 
Coat : Zara
Top : Zara
Denim : Zara
Boots : Springfield
Beanie&Shawl : Belle&Chique
Handbag : Chanel GST
Accessories : Ring by HnM

Monday, October 26, 2015


Yes! If the tittle below make sense accordingly to what you maybe want and need? Hehe.. you like seeing yourself in classic vintage cloths? Will you be shy when people surrounding especially your enemies just staring at you and kind a saying to each other "euwwww yucks old!! and cheap cloths".Some of them maybe saying "i am so freaking shy to walk with her because on what she is wearing..Or if your hubby/boyfriend/girlfriend wouldn't mind about you wearing old and fashion backwards cloth? OMG!! Those who saying all the shitty words behind your back aren't worth any of your pennies. Trust me, you creating yourself based on what you like and you want. You creating yourself and build up the different between you and them based on your confidence level about how you feel, how your entire look like either with a fashion backwards and i know is not easy but there will always be a way you can look good on classical vintage clothes.

For me doesn't matter, old or new, cheap or expensive.. As long as i am loving every single part of what i am buying and even if pay only with only minimum €1 but as long as i have the love over the item i already considered super expensive. Remember guys! Loves is essentials! Haha.. Please remember too that, expensive shit doesn't mean it will look super expensive on you. It is important that you know how to style it. It can always be against you when you not how how to play with the style. So, lets talk about this so call fashion backward stuff or easy to say Vintage. By right in my previous articles i was already gave you some tips about how to recognized between new era of second hand item vs classical vintage item. Let begin with :

  • Do some research Ok, imagine yourself what will you do when you need to buy a brand new laptop for yourself. I am pretty sure you are going to look for the best options, going to one of another shopping mall/shop to see what is the latest technology or what is on trend rite now. So, is the same about buying classical vintage clothes. Always first go to the normal store (Zara, H&M or any kind of your favourite shop. So you can see what their latest trend/collection they have. 
  • Then, once you know what is a key of the hottest/latest trend in the market.. as an example (overtheknee style, over sized style, long coats, boyfriend/rugjeans/fauxfurr sweater/jacket) you must know part of this trend are also existing during this generations. So in order for you not to look to much fashion backwards,  you can always buy accordingly based on the latest trend. 
  • Every detail take part. Even the print/pattern/style/colour and etc. You know when i buy something classical i always want to make sure that the items i bought are adaptable to be place in my mix and match games between modern and classical. It is important because whenever old and backwards can always still look bad on me.
  • So, that is the only tips i can offer to you! Remember! Be happy when you purchase, please no doubt on your heads, and your clearly know what to do with those clothes you are buying. But count on me! if you need my extra guide over this classical vintage issue! Just knock me! haha!! ehh ehh i mean just ask me!
So here is another look of my latest minimal vintage fashion (according to the dress + shawl)   + modern urban (according to the cardigan sweater + Adidas superstar + Burberry tote. What do you think about this combination guys?      

Details : Dress Vintage by Thinktwice Leuven
Cardigan Sweater : Zara
Sneakers : Adidas Superstar (Phython edition)
Scarf : Vintage by MeltingPotKilo Brussels
Tote Handbag : Burberry vestiairecollective 


I am not really interested bubbling to much on this articles. At the moment my life is full with lots of on going thing. Orientation week for future work that i am now attended is already completely enough make me one of the most busiest person in the world. Haha!!

By the way is the same event i have attended last year, this year Brusselsfashiondays took place at Brussels Square Meeting Centre. With more than 20 big organization included Elle Fashion Magazine, Loreal Proffessional, MAC cosmetics, Sarenza, Delvaux enough to say so far, this year is one of the best year ever. More spacious for the fashion booth exposition as well the fashion show runway. The first day of the event end with the fashion show from the Best Fashion School in Belgium organized by MAD Brussels .

So, lets take a look at some of the pictures i have made during the first day of this event! Enjoy xx