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Monday, April 18, 2016



After for almost 2 weeks by not having any update on my blogspot! Hello guys! I am back for many more stuff to talk about. Firstly.. My second week of my internship course is over! And Yeahhhh I am so happy finally I have been hired. My hard work for 6 month finally paid off. To the whole VDAB Haasrode team thanks of giving me this chance of finishing this course and without any of you I don't think I would make it to the end. Thanks to my future boss and the entire teams of Jack and Jones by believing, trusting on my capabilities to becoming one of your teams. It a real life bettles in Belgium, i am not a master/degree holder, I don't speak fluent Dutch, not even French. So it makes lots harder to have a job in Belgium, thanks god, I am not suiciding myself because of this stress, still alive with so much patience. Kind a brave to because I fought for what I want. The mission is not yet complete. I will tell you why on my next chapter of entry.

Btw, what does it means my casualty always killing my femininity?? hah.. Yes big questions. But maybe to those who  always read me, I don't think you would have any problem to conclude the meaning of that. Hihihi.. high heels, miniskirt, crop top, off shoulder top, gown, dress.. Yeah I hardly put them on me. Don't get me wrong I always love making and change my image drastically into some other styles. Being feminine for me is only work on formal event. Even there are so many casual feminine cloth I can buy outside, still I choose not to buy them. It's weird.. My personalities are always depend on sport shoe, rugged boyfriend cut jeans,  over sized boyfriend shirt, and also my denim jacket. So casual and easy going because by wearing pants I don't have to think much about how many big step I made during my walk, Hahahaha I don't have to think if my skirt can tear off if I gain to much weight on, oversized shirt that can cover my little figure, and I don't have to think to much again if I gain more kilo because that oversize shirt can cover my whole body. Even to walk with the high heel for the whole entire day..Hoh.. Omg..Who worn that? At the end of the day.. I am more like man. Comfort is my first goal! That is the meaning by my casualty killing my femininity.

I am wearing mix and match from many of my previous outfit.
Rugged jeans : Zara
Oversized longsleeve shirt : Thinktwice
Denim jacket : Zara
Sneakers : Adidas superstar
Belt : mango
Handbag : Vintage Delvaux
Shades : Primark
Choker & armband : My own collection

Until then xx

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


To those who love edgy look in the middle of being formal, classic but at the same time want to look sexy and feminine i suggest this look maybe could inspire you. From the sporty casual sexy look, Ive totally change the look into something else. Again playing safe with my dark blue sleeveless chiffon, nude color stiletto, then my classic vintage handbag. Simplicity is the only key. Good for night out party, dinner with your special one, or even attending some of your wedding ceremony for this summer season. How do you think of this look?? Enough of letting you go? Hihihi..

So, Mix and match game actually wont cost you much. If you worried of you've got nothing to wear even you know you've got plenty of stuff in your wardrobe.. You can always asking me freely. Hihi.. 



I am not going to talk much anymore. So, this is one of the first combination i am wearing based on my mix and match game. Ive played safe by putting on my  black rabakz jumper and my Adidas Superstar sport shoe together with my black Micheal Kors tote handbag. Ive thought black goes really well with any kind of colour.  As for accessories too, the choker I've made myself do match it together with my circle skirt. So, how do you think of this look? Youngsters, and those who love to look sexy, or have young look on your face and style and at the same time look sporty too.. Good for casual occasion as an example for day/night out with you friend, going to college, dating with your boyfriend and etc. This look maybe could inspire you?