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Sunday, March 8, 2015


It was around 17.30 hrs when are all of this picture taken. In this kind of sunny day during this hour, most photographer said it one of the perfect moment and time to take picture. Condition of light in between high and low i supposed is going to give the best result of the picture. 

Finally the day without not having to wear my thick winter coat, jacket and what so ever is here!! 17 degree today. One of the highest degree been recorded ever since few month ago!! Isn't it awesome!!! It was the right moment after our little family outing in Leuven. 

Some pick and mix between old and new. I put on my new lemon-ribbed-jumper from primark (€10) and then came together with my over sized white shirt oversized-poplin-shirt from Zara (39.95). My new cherry blossom print culottes from primark (€17)!!just a perfect combination for spring too because i have my handbag from Micheal Kors came in baby blue color. Together is my little pink earring I bought at Lovisa outlet in Pavilion Kl during my holiday last 3 month ago and that little beautiful  shades I got it in flea market cost me at only €5.  

Spot the most hottest trend spring summer 2015 
- Big edgy cut and pattern kind of shirt on the right and left side
- Come with over sized pattern 
- 'Palazzo'/trousers kind of cut and pattern . (Almost Skirt look alike)