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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Lately I've been to busy, and there lots more on going thing that i have to keep up.. Finally i can finish this article as my baby is still sleeping at the moment. I just wanna keep it simple since i have to also write another article after this one.

It was few days ago when this picture is taken. I am glad enough i can finally make my own picture without depending too much on my husband and also my official photographer (apparently he turn into my official photographer few days ago..LOL). Glad enough i had them with me as a team to support me through out my fashion blogging journey. But of course the quality of my picture is not gonna be so damn good as compare to their camera because i am just using this small little compact camera from samsung model DV150f

I was in Brussels last Tuesday, just for little treatment at my favourite shop MeltingPotKilo just to look around and making some picture for my coming soon article later. I have lots of fun and yes.. just before i returned home, i manage to find one street side with a good view.

I'm mixing it between bold for my top and little bit of striking colour on my shoes. but at the same time i want to make it simple but yet attractive  (in my eyes).. I don't know if u like it. The best accessories that everyone can have is colour!! Some picture below that maybe u would like to see.. and may inspired you.

On that day ive decided to put on 
My new sneakers : Nike Air Max 90
Inner wear : Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt
Knitwear : Esprit
Denim : Low Revel Skinny Cut
Jacket : oh my dress
Handbag : MichealKors
Scarf :  Zara

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