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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Dungarees in winter?Why not? This dungaress keep me warm enough in this kind a weather. It almost look like a synthetic leather but i was not apperantly. I am surprised because it was totally made 100% from polyester. It look luxurious in black metallic, sporty and kind a new on the design, trendy, young, fresh, great cutting and pattern and with all this full package just in 15 second.. enough to say.. Hell yeah i am buying this piece. It was from ByJennyfer store located in Nieuwstraat Brussels where usually I went for my shopping treatment. Came with a good discount price from €49.90 but I've only paid for €15! 

I thought I like harmony in fashion. Balancing every single part of what I've worn nicely. As an example I've worn the black long sleeves t-shirt inside as an inner, and together with it I've put my white short sleeves collar t-shirt on top of that. So that could balance with the white adidas sneaker I've worn the other day. Because there is totally no print either on my dungarees, long, short sleeves t-shirt and  I don't want to look to plain on my total look, so I've put on my black and white polkadot hairband. The tote I've carried just an extravagant that I wanted to match with the brown scarf I had on me. So, how is it? Did you like my look? 

Until next time! Xx 

Dungarees : ByJennyfer 
Sneaker : Adidas Superstar 
Tote handbag : Burberry 
Inner : Zara
Coat : Vintage by Thinktwice
Brown scarf : Unknown 
Polkadot Hairband : Own collection  

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