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Tuesday, June 21, 2016


I think everyone of you would be damn surprise if i say i am not really a t-shirt fan. Although t-shirt is one of the most comfortable outfit which everyone would wear it but then.. i don't go much for it. One of the reason maybe because is too simple in a kind of boring way. If you understand me well? Perhaps i don't have to explain more details why.. Hahaha is weird rite?

But the inner and the outer beauty of this vintage The Beatles T-shirt i have bought from this shop attract me enough just one second after i saw it. I knew exactly what i can match and mixed this t-shirt on the spot as soon i bought the shirt. With only €1.. The Beatles.. Who doesn't love / doesn't know The Beatles? Am i crazy of not buying it? I knew this shirt i awesome because every time i put this t-shirt on most of them been staring at my t-shirt.Hahaha..

They are one of the legendary rock and roll music band known worldwide. So, i better wear it with rite and pride. Rugged jean is one of the best match ever and nothing other than rugged jeans could slay this look. Sport shoes and my brown colour vintage Delvaux just to complete the whole look. Not to forget the brown leather belt. In case you didn't see it. For once; simple thing like this won my heart. How do you think of this outfit? Good enough to go with your casual day outing? Hihi.. Until next time. xx