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Sunday, October 19, 2014


Hello! I am back again today for another update and some post about Brussels Fashions Days 2014. Basically is 3days event starting from 17th October 2014 (Friday) until 19th October 2014 (Sunday). And this is their of  3rd Edition organized by few big organization is Belgium such as, MAD Brussels (Mode and design Center), ElleBelgique Magazine and etc.

This is my first time i am attending Brussels Fashion Days. I am overwhelmed, excited, of coz at the same time nervous as i am coming alone without anyone beside me. Due to the last minute notice i could not find anyone to come along with me. But then.. at the end of the day it was a good experiences and i enjoy every minute of my times there. Surrounding by all fashionistas, trendy, good musics and etc.. Haha of coz awkward too.. Because i am there all alone by myself.

Saturday 18th October 2014 (2nd day event)

I reached at the event spot as early as at 18.30hrs. Its a few hours before the fashion show begin. That night the fashion show will be organized by ELLE Belgique and they are presenting the best of the best, new faces and super talented Belgian fashion designer. Yes what i can say. From what i see on the show, there is no doubt over it They are young, fresh and super talented

Few hours before the Fashion show begin I've took my opportunities to visit some of the booth and the show house. So many kind of variety of service they offer and all of them is free of charge. As example MAC cosmetics  is giving free consultation for anyone who interested to have some make over. From lipstick to blush, mascara, all is there. L'oreal Professional Paris is as well the same. They specialize of grooming anybody who is interested to braids their hair. Any kind of style they want and the hairdresser will delivered it to them like they are the real santa clause! LOL.. and what they just have to do is registered at the counter and queuing for their next turn.

There lots more interesting stuff there but i just want to make it short. Otherwise its to boring to be read LOL!! Btw here is some picture that i would like to share during this event. Happy browsing guys!!

I could not snap any much picture during the fashion show since some trouble occurred on my camera. What a waste. :D :(
Bomber Jacket to die for

Loves the colour and the pant

Good combination of Fall colour.

Right in There. playing with some prints on the collar shirt. cheerful skulls

The showroom look 

Hot Beautiful neon Color

So much colour in there. colour is happiness for me

Pamplet for fashion school 

Free consultation make over by MAC cosmetics 

Hair dresser busy of doing hair braiding 

Lovely hair braids

Flower is what we need in life. It sound of joy and happiness

Fresh, healthy and her eyes says everything. Beautiful

Girls just wanna have fun 

Unique and elegant yet chic 

As fashionis and fashionistas gather in one room. 

VanRosen The blog show it to me how she does

Beyonce look alike. Blogger making a debut.


Is what i like Girls and fashions never enough 

Debut who is gonna make into the runway 

Owhhhhh... I love this shot!! Awesome. 

A man with his business and passion

Show room Brussels fashion days 2014

Beautiful people gathering in One Beautiful fashion room

Free Stylelah

The crowd. Before the fashion show start

1st row, 2nd row, 3rd row, 4th row

She standing up among others 

Beauty and elegence. Loving her look. Desirable 

Prints to die for.

I never fancy with any black or white, but this is to die for!!! I love 

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