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Monday, January 26, 2015


I myself often went to the men garment area during my shopping duty.. Either just to survey what is the men latest trends, new in item or their season collection and etc! Don't be surprised too if sometimes some of the item I also bought come from the men section. Hahaha..

Last week I went to the shopping street in Brussels Niuewstraat just to look around for myself and giving me  little bit of little eyes treatment. Haha.. Yes, it was.. It is a really little treatment because I only bought one piece of item during my 'visit' there.. There out of plenty of store that offer variety of label, brands and and for those who is really familiar with nieuwstraat is well known as one of the famous shopping street in Brussels.

Yes! Sales season is the madness! Omg!!! Women with shopping! Never end!!Hahaha..My eyes is become blind because of the round out discount price they gave!!! Obviously I love sales season in Brussels a lots!!! One of the store I've notice gave a really low price is Springfield! Their season sale collection item are so awesome and for the 3rd week of sale but they still have a plenty of range collection with variety of rob bottom price! It's cool eh!

Springfield is the store where I bought my boyfriend shirt I wore last week during my date out with my hubby!! Believe it or not, it was from the men garment section. It's better be rite? It so called boyfriend shirt from the boyfriend cutting pattern it self!The bigger the size and the lower the length the better! The shirt is  made from combination of 2 different material . Cotton and polyester. Stretchable and yet so comfortable and also the price is on reduction. Ohhhhh.. From €29.99 and as in now become €9.99! It is super low!! Go and get some for yourself to now! Maybe u can buy it online too by using this direct link! While stock last my dear!! boyfriendshirt. if u inspired by this boyfriend shirt u can try to pair them like those picture below. Is how I mix and match them.