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Thursday, January 22, 2015


I know for those who really an alcoholic for cosmetic, as well makeup addicted, turn to be makeup lover like me they must to heard this naked eyeshadow palette by urbandecay. As I am so flattered to have the chances of owning one of their worldwide famous eyeshadow naked-3-palette and of coz the excitement of the first time owning this palette and having to use them.

If u asking me if I already tried it up? Of course the answer is yes, bummer! Haha.. There plenty of feedback I've love to share about this lovely palette. But I will reveal little by little because the less I reveal the better the point it will be.

The first time I got the chances of trying them it was during my vacation in Malaysia. Sephora in bukit bintang outlet where the place I bought. I do not have any chances to buy them in belgium because there is no urban decay outlet or even shop who carry Urban decay product. Unless if I am willing to make the trip nearest in sephora outlet in Lille France.phewwww...least 3 hours travel and 5 time peeing to get in there by train. Hahahaha..

 I've notice lots of time whenever I use others cosmetic brand (I do not want to mention the name) I found out that they are not that lasting... But it is so different when I've use this palette. It last forever and it stays even in any weather conditions. Whenever during Cold or hot season! It's Highly recommended.

It is less oily, and give the total glam on your eyes especially if u really loves to play with smokey eyes style. The combination of bronze,shining, dark, metallic is always match to each other and it does really give a subtle effect even for day and night purpose. It can never be any make up disaster even if you do not have any good experience in playing with makeup. It is good for the new learner tho.

what I love about this is palette is their colour from the natural beige, pinkish, even the darkest part of the colour, they are all super glam! It wasn't just because of that, the quality of the brush is giving the best control and effect! It will never smudge your downright eyes. Highly recommended! Go and get yours at the nearest store girl!