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Friday, February 27, 2015


Red, blue, white, yellow and pink..This 4 colours is always been my favourite. Don't be surprised if you see me lots in those  type of colours every season. Who cares btw.. Nowadays even in winter there no such thing that you only can wear dark and fall colour on that season. Is bullshit. As of yesterday, Moschino just came out with their Autumn and winter collection 2015 and yes as i can see it!! It so perfect and beautiful... Because i know why.. It is because of the colour.

Colour brighten up your day baby!! As much as this winter has always been so freaking dark, why not brighten up the face of you with some colours. Take it or leave it. If anyone telling you "hey it winter, why are you wearing such as this bright colour?".. Maybe it times u should tell them.."Hello it is 20th century by the way".. What and why you are still living inside the caves!! Hahaha.. LOL straight to the point in sarcastic way my dear!! and now just get off from that caves and keep up with that  iambloggerwannabe.. lol

Ok lets talk about this moschino collection AW2015. Here is the picture of some model in runway wearing their ready wear Moschino collection for Autumn and Winter Season for the year of 2015.Is beautiful isn't it??

Here i am back to the topic of my oufit i wore today. Basically i played with my few favourite colours and combined it into1set of outfit. Plenty of red, bit of blue and little bit of yellow and white in it. Did you remember one of the most famous games in the era of 80s? Mr Mario... Yes.. Hahah.. Yes Mr Mario is back but in real life in women version! LOL!! Hahahah.. 

It has always been my favourite lately to have wear my knit/sweater/shirt in over sized. I dont know why maybe one of the trend this days and as well i think is more descent. So u can see it later the version of my own 'moschino' outfit i wore today. So much inspired with their collection and yes!! i got mine the other day at the vintage MeltingPotKilo shop and it cost me only €7.50. Hahaha.. How dare i am, for comparing that €7.50 sweater outfit with that beautiful Moschino. 

This is what i decided to match my vintage sweater with 
Panty hose : Striking blue panty hose by veritas
Sneakers : Nike Air Force 1
Beanie : by Jennyfer 
Winter coat : Morgan last year season 
Handbag : Vintage Lancel 

Some tips for you if u want to have such of this colourful outfit ;
- Minimized some of your make up. Enough colour on your clothing but you don't need to look like a clown by the end of the day. LOL
- Make it contra based on bright and dark 
- Bright with bright sometimes can be against you. Be careful!
- Do not mix to much colour in once. 2/3 or maximum 4.

Ok guys happy watching. xx



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