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Monday, June 15, 2015


I've came to realise that my husband grandmother is also person i can called a real fashionistas. She always had a great beautiful stuff that she hand it over to me sometimes during our visit to her house. With all my heart, i can say she is the closest person i can talk to, specially when it come to
fashion. Once, last year she handed to me this beautiful baby blue jumpsuit. It was a super rare pattern and by looking at it at the first sight, i am pretty sure it suit my style. Obviously, we both have a very similar taste. It wasn't just that, last month she showed me her room where she filled all her sewing material and fabric!! Isn't it exciting?? My eyes just "bloated" by looking at all her collection.

So, here is the story where i went to vdab office in Leuven last friday for a job hunting! Arghhh.. Finally after a long wait soon i will be able to go back to work and yes, soon able to do more shopping too. Hahahah.. Isnt it exciting? Little time after the meeting, i went to this Asian shop just nearby the city. Of coz with the idea of me taking my own tripod with me, why not give myself some rewards, a little photoshoot. Haha.. Then stop at this candy shop name olleke bolleke. mmmmmm.. They selling plenty different kind of candy and look so good. Hahah.. At the end of
the day that "good" is became part of the calories on my body. Hahahaha.. The owner of the shop apparently mention he owned 7 shop in several location in Belgium. Yeah feeling like i am in the real candy crush world when i was in there. (Click the link)

Jumpsuit : Vintage (Belong from my grandmother)
Sling Back : Vintage Pin Delvaux
Statement Necklace : Bershka
Sneakers : Nike air Force 1
Shades : Vintage Polaroid from Optiek De Belser (Bought it during Braderie market last month)
Location : Leuven City
Photos : By me

Just some tips from me guys! Don't scared of wearing old and vintage stuff. Because it can still look fresh and new if you know how to style and renew the look on your own version. Be positive and walk with it proudly and just be confidence. That it. Ok see ya until next time. xx