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Friday, June 19, 2015


Bram just purchased a new device for his camera. I don't really know what is all about until he explained to me that the new flashed device he bought is to give much better effect on the background blurriness and so that day he invited me to test his new toys. Without thinking much, of coz... i am totally agreed to that proposal. Yayyy! Finally..

So that day I've worn my diy lace skirt that I've sewed last last few month ago. I paired that skirt with a sleeveless top from pimkie, heels from miss sixty, and additional to that is my DKNY flap handbag. To complete the look, ive had those earring from Diva, bracelet from follie follie. And hell ya, my white Nike AirForce 1 sneakers as for my back plan. Hahaha.. It true tho! It is very useful. hehehe... So here is the some pictures of this outfit that i would like to share it with you!

P/S : I am planning of wearing this outfit for my hubby grandparents 65th wedding anniversary this weekend. What ya you think? perfect enough?

Photo Copyright by :
Location : Sonian Forest
Fabric : Totally cost nothing. As a gift from a friend of mine to me.