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Friday, July 3, 2015


It all started early in the morning when the cameraman Bram inviting me for little photo shoot session to test his new lens that he just purchased. This is the total look outfit ive worn during my little trip to Antwerp last Tuesday. Hihi..

Not much story i can tell to everyone of you. If you know me, I've played a lots with vintage. For me, to buy a good item is not because of its label, the cost, but it always depends on the look or how much feeling i had for the cloth. Hihi. I will never buy that when i am in doubt.

All of this pieces I've got from my favourite vintage store close to the area where i lived. if you know me hihi.. Of coz Melting PotKilo shop. How did i manage to have that Vintage Delvaux sling bag? Yes, the easiest answer you can always look it through this online website vestiaire collective. In case you interested to have the same sling bag, they had plenty of those item in their website at a very reasonable price.

Ive worn :
Shades : Vintage Flea Market (€5)
Earring : lovisa
Sandal : pull and bear
Sling bag : Vintage Delvaux
Top : Vinage Melting Pot Kilo Shop
Skirt : Vintage Melting Pot Kilo

Ok guys! I got to go! Enjoy the look. xx

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