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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Once in a while, after the terrific timetable at my work.. I've got a chance to meet my partner in crime, Emma 2 weeks ago. We went to The Brussels food trucks festival located just in the middle of the city. I totally cannot stand with the crowd and the weather itself. The other day was a really hot day and it remind me of kind of weather I have back in Malaysia. Nice ehhh.. Could not complain about the weather because this is kind a weather that making me and every Belgian happy. 

I was very lucky, because that day I've worn something light and comfortable. Light on the weight of the textile itself. This green colour khaki suit made from Viscose which is similar fabric  between cotton and silk. It was super comfortable to wear during this warm and hot weather condition. At the end,  i did not produce any sweats at all. Amazing isn't it? This pieces you can buy it separately because each pieces came with a different prices. If you want to only buy the top or the pants just go with it. But, on my advice better buy it all together. Because the top and the pant are made together in the same range and collection. 

This time I choosed the similar color on the background to match with the natural color of my outfit. The white wall with green color leaves all over on top of it. Just to make sure, it gave a better effect and the contrast on every image I've produce. Thought green is always part of the nature. Hihihi.. So, what do you think of this outfit? You like? 

Top : Berskha
Pants : Bershka 
Choker & armband : Byainwithlove
Sneakers : adidas StanSmith 
Flat : Birkenstock 
Handbag : Vintage Delvaux 

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