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Monday, May 2, 2016



Haippppp searching for me eh? Hahahaha.. Yeah I know for little time I didn't do any new entry for my blog. Too busy concentrating on my new working life, as well there are almost everyday raining at the area where I lived. So, no sunshine no photoshoot. Huhuh.. 

Hey, look at the pictures below! Purse organiser from NOMESS which I've received the other day from NOMESS team. So, this are some of my experience I would like to share with everyone after a week I've been using this purse organiser. 

1) From the word mess to became no NOMESS. Wow that is what I wanted to have for myself for so long. When it come to women handbag, I know every women have another different stories about their own handbag. How long it took for me to look for my lipstick, mirror, wallet, shades, ball pen, hand phone, house key.. Uhuuuuuuu. Took me 3/5 min to dig what I need from inside my handbag. Ahhhhhh.. Damn annoying rite!! So NOMESS finally solved my problem. 

2) NOMESS purse organiser have so many different kind of compartment pocket size, and on top of that the size of this purse organiser is just user friendly. It fit just perfect on every kind of handbag that I am using. One big folder that I can fit the big/thick size of wallet, eyeshadow, the little one I can place any kind of little accessories so I won't miss any of those little pieces. It's nice isn't it? This purse organiser is such a total sweetheart! 

3) NOMESS purse organiser work as an Anti theft/pickpocket. How secure it is? I can say it because the material is thick enough (faux leather), so it won't get cut so easily. Imagine you are using your leather handbag, secondly inside there will be one more thick layer that the thief need to cut. Owhhhh.. Really hard. Secondly, there are some double sided tape on top of the purse organiser. That is also good no? 

4) That pink logo nomess. Cuteness overloads. So artistic, modern and yeah now I own a brand new designer purse organiser.  

So guys!!
Interested? Check their website and  Contact NOMESS directly through their Instagram/website/Facebook page to place an order!!