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Monday, March 20, 2017


To be honest the main key of this look this time is how i played and combined the blouse and the culottes which actually made from the same fabric and material. Chiffon vs chiffon fabric that gave a super beautiful chic, luxurious effect on the entire look. Since i have been wearing this outfit to work..
even one of my old colleague at work saying hahaha... Wow, what an bonne mama outfit is that? Hahaha.. Is mean like yeah.. I knew it myself from the first time i worn it. One of the most beautiful part about this culottes is the print itself. Old timer Classic abstract print in it, make it also extra more special came with an high waist cut, and the flare of the pleated all around the area even at the back side. Many of them thought it was a skirt until i show them the whole details of this pants. What make an extra special about it is that when i move my body around that goes the same with that pants too which make me feel extravagant sexy feeling. 

The same goes to the blouse as well. It hard to find a beautiful perfect match for this pants until i saw it at my favorite vintage store in Leuven during their €2 p/pc event few weeks ago. Still in a perfect condition, beautiful scallop butterfly details all around the neck area and also old timer 'advocate' style of neck tie.. Haha.. Thought is enough being weird no?? Owh not to mention, the  mini pleated details at the front side area. I don't forgive myself if i wasn't buying that blouse the other day.

You know being less is always more. Decided to kept it simple without have to worried much about the whole look then i paired it with my brown color loafer, mini flap bag Chanel handbag black in color; then also my vintage sunglasses. Little accessories to enhanced the whole look like my vintage statement ring just, pair of earring, as well my rose gold watches. That all? Anyway.. Enough inspiration this time? Hihi..

Until next time! xx       

Culottes : Vintage Think Twice Brussels
Blouse : Vintage Think Twice Leuven
Loafer shoes : VIntage Melting Pot kilo Brussels
Biker Jacket : New (Pimkie)
Shades : VIntage Optiek De Belsr Tervuren
Handbag : Chanel Vintage