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Sunday, March 19, 2017


The first entry ever for the year of 2017. What the hell have i been up to? Omg.. Its been a while i have been disappeared. Anyway nothing to worry about. Nothing special going on actually except i have been super busy,
 committed and engaged myself to much for work, on top of that.. Winter is not my favorite season at all. To cold for outdoor photo shoot and i hate the fact i am the cameraman to shoot my own moment during this cold hard season. Now, my entire skills are just ready to be kicked out. Lol.

Hey, i am invading myself a new positive beautiful quotes saying about 'MY OUTFIT SLAYING WHEN I PUT THE SMILE IN'.. How do you think about it? beautiful enough? or is just deadly boring? Hahaha.. By the way.. why have to say no to that? Really girls/women/guys/men out there? Never thought of giving some of your beautiful smile to others? Or is it because you have no teeth at all?? hahahahaha. Doesn't means when you wearing Chanel, LV? Hermes and so on you have close yourself to others which not so your cup of tea person. Come on.. Smile doesn't cost any penny?? Actually i don't need to explain any much further either because i think you all are adults and matured enough to understand what i am talking about. Just remember.. You outshine your outfit with the positive vibes and smiles that you put on your face. Everyday smile no matter hard the life can give it to you.

Wow, look at that face below. She put 100% smile on her face while she been photographing herself all alone on public. Hahahaha.. What the fuck is that? Hahaha.. Are you crazy girl? Smiling alone? Yeah she one happy girl because she is in love with her current favorite outfit of her reason purchased she made. The current pinkish trend all over her outfit.. Pink silk bomber jacket which she had on as a outerwear, so do the jeans which match accordingly with jacket because of the pink embroidery flower around then as well the pink handbag. Playing with the same color on 3 different kind of shades.. I thought  that is  just a fashion statement. Not to forget on top of that she add some flirty sexy look for some movie night out with her friends later on, she replaced that sneaker to her thong heels. Ouch.. That easy?  Isn't it simple? And yeah.. Her confidence level goes higher because she knew.. She had a beautiful slim body.. and she put her body top on. That to maximized and to show off the whole figure without having to worried about her other appearance. By the way for once she doesn't wear a weird/vintage clothes? Do you think you should give a go too? Hahaha..   

Body top : Jennyfer (€17.99)
Emboridery Jeans : Primark (€19)
Thong Heels : Primark (€14)
Sneaker : Bershka
Satin Bomber Jacket : Mango (€35)

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