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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Either to my night out in the city until brunch after the hangover with my friends what can i say.. Just give it a go to this outfit style. Pair of skinny black jeans and medium length stiletto with open back enough to give me extra comfort even when i have to step and walk 3km away from the location that i need to be. Lol.. Sound so real.. But hahaha..
I, myself in 5 minutes, omg help.. My foot painful.. More worries only if my friends cant take the challenge because she worn much higher heel than me. Haha So, go for comfort, then.. Only the look. But in my case i choose both. 

There are plenty of tricks and tips when it come to style this off shoulder top. Let me explain more 

1) Please go bra less/use a strip less bra/nipple pad : That how i noticed lots of people here been wearing off shoulder top with their strip bra show on their shoulder. Please.. Function of off shoulder top is to show off your beautiful sexy shoulder. Not your bra strips. So ugly and i hate seeing it. To look pretty sometimes in this case go bra less if you don't want to invest any, don't feel comfortable being bra less buy a bra which have the switch off/on strips function or nipple pad can also help. In my case.. I go bra less today. opppssss...

2) Accessories : Do not forget accessories on your neck. To fill up the empty spot on the neck. Otherwise is too basic and so boring. Either statement/simple minimalistic style of necklace.. That depend on what kind of style/outfit you are wearing. But the length of the necklace have to be little bit before the top. If too long, i will bother the whole outfit look.

3) Tight out your hair : To show after your neck and also shoulder. This will give you an extravagance, classy fabulous look even in a simple hair bun. 

Heels : Zara 
Handbag : Stiletto
Shades : Andotherstories
Pants : Zara
Offshoulder top : Zara 

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