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Sunday, August 9, 2015


Lots of things happening in Brussels especially during summer season. Located at the Porte de Brussels this beach in the city came with very beautiful idea and nice concept. There are so many beach lifestyle and activities that everyone can do included water sports for children, children can even take their playing beach tools for their sand games, there also volleyball field catered for adult/children, even if you want you can always take the bikini with you for some tanning works. Hihi.. There plenty of stall sells lots of different type of foods, from another region and country. As you will see some of the pictures ill put on this entry. As i realized today is actually the last day of this. Ahhhhh.. Too bad if you only find out now. But don't worry! Next year for sure!

Hope you enjoy seeing those pictures! All this photo shoot by me using my samsungNX3000

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