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Thursday, August 13, 2015


As i realized for this season, one of the hottest color of the season is yellow. Knowing myself, hihi of coz yellow is actually one of my favourite color after pink, blue and white. But did you know, different kind of yellow catered on each different color of skin? Striking yellow suit more with those who have dark/tan skin color, /skinny/medium average size of body, while the others are apposite. There another type of yellow they called it lime yellow. Why they called it lime yellow because lime actually means lemon. So, it was actually the combination of those two character. The skin and the inside. This color is closed to neon green but the different is just that this lime green color isn't glowing in the dark. So watch out girls if you decided to play with lots of yellow during your night life.

So, here is my another info. You know where usually kaftan's came from rite? Or if you dint know here is a little bit info where actually caftan invented from. It can be seen plenty in middle east/Arabic country, usually such in a very Islamic way of outfit, but nowadays there so many type of kaftan's the market even in Europe. As an example, just use google search "kaftan's fashion 2015" you will see all the images from each different style/look/design. From formal to non formal wear, I'm pretty sure there will be lots more kaftan's fashion in coming season and near future.

So here is my story of how/where i got this kaftan's from. During summer sales season last month, i went to lots shopping street in here(Belgium). One of the shop i went to is at andotherstories in Ghent outlet. Ive paid for only around €27 after 70% discount. If is not because of the price i wouldn't buy this dress. Minimal in pattern/design, colorful in color so here maybe there another new term i would called "minicol".. Hihi.. Came with pocket in both side, and medium high sleek cut, on both hip side, just enough to attract me of buying this dress. It is because the cutting and the pattern doesn't look like a traditional , that why i named it modern kaftan. I just want to look as simple as a,b,c. So, Ive put on my Stan Smith Sneakers, and my vintage Delvaux handbag. That it! How do you think of that?Do you like the look?