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Saturday, August 1, 2015


There not much going on, so this time will be less stories for this entry. Hey, did you remember the brown vintage skirt I've worn and post previously? If you don't remember maybe this pictures below can help you to memorize a little about it?

The other day I've realized this skirt i wasn't can be a skirt. It because of the length is quite long, so I'm using little bit of my creativity and imagination to transformed this skirt into a tube dress. How is it sound? Interesting enough for you? I hope so!! Hahaha.. I bet some of you especially those fashionista is already knows some the trick already. So here are some of the look of my vintage tube dress! Very casual with little bit of feminine and sexy touch and it good for day/night outing with your colleagues/bf/gf or even with your family. Even is good for vacation and your summer  holiday and hang out by the beach! Just change the heel to sandal. That it!

So how is it? You like the way im styling it? Btw this is the rest of the item i used to complete the look of my vintage tube dress. Nothing new girls! Just my mix and match. 

Denim Jacket : Zara
Heels : River Island 
Handbag : Micheal Kors 
Belt : Unknown 

Pictures are all produced by me using my current new camera : SamsungNX3000

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