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Sunday, October 4, 2015


Hello guys!! Do you remember this sweater from my previous post 8 month ago?? Which i paired it with the blue color legging. I was looking at it earlier and i was thinking! Omg!! What the fuck i am wearing actually?? Hahahahahahahaha.. Come on guys!!You can laugh at me too. No problem because i am also laughing at myself by looking at it earlier! Am i a superman or what?? Take a look at the photo I've upload from my fashion folder on my PC. 

Yes! if you do remember this too? The outfit I've worn a few month ago in Antwerp to attend Kudeta shop event. The lime yellow green trouser which i bought it during sales at Zara store a few month ago. They are finally here!! on my mix and matched game! 

Fashionistas, don't be ridiculous to spend each of your pennies for things that you would only wear once and you don't wear it again for your next time. If you ask me how to control your shopping addiction maybe one of the best idea you can do before you purchase something is to think 'owhhh i already had something like this! I just need to mix and match'.. add on to that, be sure you already had those item and if you not sure how to mixed it, ask those who really had a good sense of fashion, as an example.... Your favourite fashion blogger. 

Hey, i am wondering if you are a mother/big sister who have to look after your children/little brother/little sister by taking them to the playground what would you wear?? Hihi.. Yes this is how the usual outfit I've worn. Pants either long or semi on the length is easy for me to run/chased after her in case i need to, shirt/blouse/sweater. Depending on each season. How do you think of this mixed? Is that better than the previous one?

Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith, Trouser : Zara, Sweater : Vintage by MeltingPot KiloShop Bxl, Biker Jacket : Zara, Shades : RayBan Replica, Earing : Unknown, Watch : Fossil, Tote Handbag : Micheal Kors 

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