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Sunday, October 18, 2015


Hello Fashionista's!!

Hahah!! The tittle! Omg!! I wondering myself how could i? and i wondering what will you do when your husband/boyfriend telling you the same thing?My answer just easy! When i stop buying but then i start making. Is it still going to be the same? My answers are truly NO. Is not the same anymore. Haha. I am 'inventing' and creating something new and totally different which no one can ever own the same stuff i am wearing. How is it sound guys? But what i mean maybe is still going to be the same? Because buying fabrics is still considered shopping!! Hahahahaha.. How can my hubby keeping it up with me? But honestly when i start making thing like this, i felt that i am much smarter. Much smarter because.. There a lots of reason.. Maybe i will reveal later on my moomoo dress article later. Hihi..

To be honest this skirt i made cost nothing except for the 4hrs time which i spend of sewing it. The fabric is given by my hubby grandmother which she handed it to me over few month ago. At first when i received it from her, i am not really sure what i am going to do with it until last Friday when i was thinking.. "Owhhh i have nothing to wear" I mean nothing new to wear to go Brussels Fashion Days!!So, this is how the idea start. Didn't take me long to finish it. Less than half a day!! The pattern and design are all by me. Except that i watched the tutorial on YouTube how to sew and pattern a circle skirt.

Guys.. If you do have some talent.. Show it to the world! I don't say i am very good at doing it, but sewing is also part of my interest and hobby. If you do have some talent, don't be shy to show it to the world because if you don't, you are loosing plenty of opportunities. Opportunities that maybe would change your entire life to the better future. So,Is has been so long without me creating a new pieces and finally! This one turn out pretty good.


Skirt : DIY, Boots : JB Martin, Coats : Morgan De Toi, Flap Handbag : DKNY, Statement Necklace : NewLook, Shades : Vintage Flea Market, Knee Socks : By Jennyfer, Scarf : Unknown, Gift by my grandmother, Knit : Esprit