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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Hello fashionista's!

How are you doing? Hoping your monday blues are over because today is already Tuesday!Yayyy!! But still long more to go before weekend approaching.. For me?? How am i doing? If you asking me my answered were just like... My weekend are forever!! Since long ago.. Hahahahaha..

Hey i was asking myself if anyone of you ever got confused how to compare between vintage and second hand item. Or if you ever thought of yourself by giving it a try/using/buying vintage item/clothing but you kind a not really sure how actually vintage fashion works? If you are a vintage lover/fan like me i am pretty sure you wouldn't had any trouble of knowing which item are vintage and which are not?

So girls, i think is a time for me of helping you by giving you some tips of how to recognize between real vintage and the 'fake one' since i am the master on vintage fashion. Hihi!

  • If you know the meaning of vintage i think you can already score part of it. Vintage mean timeless/something really old/classic although it is on used condition
  • If you know where are the vintage shop nearest your area, then that is the best. Usually vintage store only selling their valuable vintage item. 
  • Check on the label inside the pockets whether it a handbag/jacket/skirt/t shirt and etc of when is the item been produced. If let say the item been produced in the era of 90's, 80's then that is definitely a vintage item
  • Look at the pattern, design, material of each item. Usually the pattern/design are always on fashion backwards condition.
  • Check the way how the stitching on each item they have. Especially on vintage clothing. Usually back then the stitching part are more appropriate and last longer and strong. Some even in a hand sewing version.  
  • Look at the fabrics and the colour of each item. Every inch of the details takes part!
  • Last one girls, hahah smell it! You know what it mean by vintage when you smell those item. By smelling the cloth you can already is old.. It means : VINTAGE  
You don't know the real look until you giving it a try. I hope this look that i created last weekend  inspired you enough. I want to also letting you know that every part of vintage are also fashions. Although they were backward and old, but without vintage fashion who we are now? Who is Karl Lagerfeld, who is Anna Wintour, Who is Diane Von Furstenberg?? Imagine that?  there will be no fashion forward and there will be not even any fashion idea in our near future. Vintage is priceless, Vintage is timeless!! Vintage are also made me appreciate the energy of our old generation of people who responsible of doing such a really hard work. Imagine without technology?? Almost everything are hand made. It is actually a total pure of Art. Isn't it?

So girls this was my last weekend look during my visit to my grandparents house in Brussels. 

Tote Handbag : Micheal Kors, Knit Yellow Scarfs : MeltingPot KiloShop Bxl, Biker Jacket : Zara, Over sized Knit Sweater dress : Melting Pot Kilo Shop, Sneakers : Adidas Stan Smith, Shades : Replica Rayban Aviator Mirrored, Pink earring : Lovisa