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Sunday, January 10, 2016


It was one of the best time Emma and I had yesterday. So many thing we both been talking from her recent trip to KL, her latest issue even until the shopping things she have done so far. Haha.. As usual we spend some of our time doing some little window shopping around the area. Nothing caught my eyes and to be honest I was carry one shopping bag full of Malaysian food that Emma brought for me from KL. So, that was considered shopping already for me. Hahahaha..

At first before we went for our little window shopping, we both went to Nakhon Thai   restaurant to have our lunch together. It where usually a place we went to whenever we had an appointment in Brugges. This restaurant I considered one of the best Thai restaurant I ever went in Belgium. Their speciality is of course on their Thailand food. They never failed me on their food especially my favourite Thailand food, padthai noodles. So yummy, it suit my taste and I can just make a request to have it in hot and spicy terms. Uhhhh.. The interior and decoration is also kind a thing that caught my eyes, it is so classy and fabulous and luxurious. Suitable for any kind of fancy, classy family or wedding dinner. That is for sure. They are also accepting reservation. 

So, I have worn a blue color poncho came with a triangle shape.. What actually make thing so special about this poncho is the color and the fringe itself. Even it came in the same blue color but the radiance of the different blue on each layer make a really good perfect contrast in it. It also why I decided to buy this because I need this kind a blue on my wardrobe, and secondly I did not own any poncho so far during my living in Belgium. This poncho actually remind me of my oldies where I used to see this kind of similar things covered my late grandmother television or anything that considered valuable those time. Hahaha.. Was that considered poncho still? I don't know.. I hope is not. Hahahaha.. 

I often seen many ladies out there matched their poncho with little bit more classy boots / over the knee boots/ high heel. But this time I would like to try and experiment with something new. With little bit of touch by matching this poncho with my Adidas sneakers, what I can say.. I Look as sporty as ever. What do you think of this look ladies? Do you like it? 

Sneakers : Adidas Superstar 
Poncho : Think Twice Leuven €5
Coat : Think Twice Leuven €1
Denim : Zara 
Cross body handbag : Classic Vintage Delvaux Pin 

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