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Sunday, January 3, 2016


Almost the end of the holidazy. Soon, everything will be back as normal... Uihhh i am not so ready for another chaotic and busy week. My little daughter is going to start her preschool by early next week Monday. Myself?? Yes i am back to the course that I am now still doing with VDAB. Ouhhh.. I hope everything is in order as it planned. 

So, it was last Wednesday when I, Sam and Nain together went to Leuven together. At first we went to Spit Store just to see what is all this shop about. As what Nain have told me, every Wednesday they throwing the price on some of selected item at only €1 . So interesting and at the end we bought 3 pieces of their vintage cloth. Hihi.. 

We then later have some little dinner together at this Asian cafe name Snack thaihouse just near the shopping street area. The foods are delicious and the price is also super affordable too. The shop decoration and the interior, the colour even the entire look of it remind me how the culture i used to live back in my home country. Almost look like a warong, or kedai kopi with ready to eat foodies.. Nasi campur/ mix rice.. ahhhh.. for 2hrs i felt like i am back in Malaysia for little visit. Haha..   

Just little inspiration I had over this shop, I decided later on to do some outfit photo shoot on what I have worn the other day. Firstly, I've put on my green original vintage military sweater and  I have matched it together with my brown dungarees. To complete the look, I then put on my camouflage belt just on the centre of my waist. Just like that super simple yet chic and easy for my casual day wear.  As what I have realised after all, the outfit I have worn the other day exactly matched the colour of this shop. Hahaha.

The detail of what I have worn the other day 
Green military sweater - Vintage Think twice Leuven (€1)
Dungarees - Vintage Melting pot kilo (€10)
Camouflage belt - Vintage Melting pot kilo (€3)
Cross body handbag - Vintage Delvaux 
Sneakers - Adidas Superstar 
Socks - Veritas 
Optical glasses - Fendi eyewear 

How do you think of this outfit guys? You like it?