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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Finally, the time i have been waiting for so long to show up my sewing talent has arrived. Hihi.. This time i will show you how different fabric can actually change the whole entire look of my second version of circle skirt. This is one of the fabric i have bought few month ago at the fabric expo in Haasrode. I knew what i am going to make the moment i bough this fabric. I think this fabric made between combination of nylon and cotton. Would not be hard to recognize during my ironing work. If the fabric made from 100 nylon material usually are damn so hard to make the wrinkle gone.hihi.. But not with this one. Just 10 minute ironing work. Everything clear. By using this fabric. My dream skirt became a reality because for so long i wanted to have the skirt which totally circle and the fabric did not stick around my leg. If flared naturally without me having to make an extra pleated on my waist area. Cost me €5 p/m. Owhhh.. Even it was so easy to manage during the process of sewing and that is the reason why it only took me half day to complete it. The result truly flaring.. You going to see the whole result on my second and third article.

The choker,
Yes the idea came during the presentation work i have to do at school. By the time everyone have to
present about what are the hottest fashion trend for Spring and Summer based on the website of each brand. Zara, Bershka, Pull and bear, Torfs, S.Olivier, and many more . There are 5,6 person presenting the same idea about military/khaki/camo trend. Then I've got much more inspired when i saw many celebrities starting the trend of wearing choker. So, that are all the idea came from. Knowing myself, i love making trendy things too. Ive made this choker using the same fabric i use for this skirt. At the end because i am too obsessed with this trend so, this 2 item it became a collection of my own military version. Uhhhhhh.. Almost like a designer now. Hahahah. Owhh not yet. Just a beginning. Hihi..

Interested of personalized your own skirt and choker??This are the cost of sewing. 

Choker - €6
Skirt - €24.99


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