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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Another day another week passed by. It was last Friday when myself decided to do a day little trip of my own to another beautiful city of Belgium name Ghent. This city is one of the largest city with capacity of over 200,000 peoples living in this city. More statistic is in here visit ghent

I quickly catch the tram to the centre and only took me 15 minutes to get there. First of coz to the main shopping street and 1 discovered one new & the other stories outlet. Pretty amazing by looking at some of their latest collection, from the clothing, accessories, sneakers and etc.

Little after that, i went to the centre for a little break and of cos playing tourist, I've discovered there a food truck festival is taking their turn in this city with plenty of unique and handsome truck all over the centre. Hahahah.. As far as i know the week before this foodies trucks is in my city Brussels.

Indeed, I've been to this city for many times, but this time is more special because is the only time i am able to experiencing the feeling by doing little "boat cruising" by the river. Hehehe.. The unique thing about this city is their building architecture. Those building who faces opposite across the river are mostly build during 17th century.

Don't want to write to much and let all this beautiful picture tell the story of me, this beautiful city, and of coz my entire outfit. Decided to put on my recent purchase of pleated over sized shirt pleated oversized shirt from Zara €19.95, then i match it with my own diy lace pencil skirt, and came with it is just the same as usual, Nike AF1, Guess trench coat and my Delvaux pin. Enjoy scrolling everyone.

Hello shopping people! My eyes is with all of you!!
Cuci Mata
& The other stories Part 1
& The other stories Part 2
& The other stories Part 3
& The other stories Part 4 
& The others stories Part 5... and there plenty more parts but i cant take it much anymore. Haha 
Old "Cadillac" hahaahaa
Ghent Centre Part 1
Ghent Centre Part 2
Beautiful day with all this beautiful peoples
Food truck Festival 
They enjoy every moment of this sunny day
Food Truck Festival
Cuci Mata Part 1 
Still food truck Festival
Cuci Mata Part 2
I got to say i Loves your style girl.. Cuci mata Part 3
Sate babi.. Hahaha.. tak beli eeeeeeaaa.. tengok aje.. Hahaha.. Takkan tupun haram??
See the word, sate man.. satay man.. hahaha satay famousnye engkau kat europe!! 
Yeah lets play tourist!!
Stylista match and do! I loves something different and fresh from the oven
The river, the buiding and the view are simply amazing!!
I said i am one of the shit head
of coz In a good way.. Haha
When it comes to fashion 
zoom in Part 1

Zoom in Part 2 

Zoom in Part 3
Zoom in Part 4
Come lets go.. To another place
Yeah of coz to this one
I got to say, Belgian know how to play with the sun 
Simply amazing...
Cuci Mata Part 4
I felt like i am in 50s era 
I am almost there for..
go on and go on.. 
Of coz to this boats trip
Hahaha.. Hello there.. sebok aje kepochi
from the river view 
Just like a Miracle 

Cantik sesangat.. I falling in Love to this city
Little Big Ben 
Cuci Mata Part 5
The Cathedral
Venice fefeeling
Nice ehhhhh.. Enjoy
Feel just like in Malacca Malaysia
Sweet Ghent
Urbexxing to those who know what is Urbex
Modern X Old
Used to be a Castle.. Nos it turn up to be a museum 
Without this beautiful blue skies, my pictures are all nothing
This red colour building remind me of Stadyhus in Malacca Malaysia
Ahhh Ok. Time to go home!!
Till we meet again Ghent!!