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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Ok, before i start let me give 10 fun facts about homosexual people from my own view. Ive already wrote 5 of their fun facts about them on my recent post on Instagram. In case you are not an active user on this social media let me describe it here :
  1. Gays understand women better than the real man (when it comes to friendship).
  2. Gays usually had a very good sense of humour and usually they make joke about everything. 
  3. Good in their fashion sense and always dress up, up to date even when they get older.
  4. One of a kind : Usually they are very to the ¨godness¨ super handsome and good looking peoples.
  5. They are very sincere and honest to their best people in their life and they are very protective to their lady friends too.So here is another 5 fun facts about them that i would like to share with all of you. 
  6. Never make make them as your enemy, and once you fight with them, forever they ambush and hate you. (Tell me if i wasn't rite)
  7. Usually their tongue is superrrrrrr so sharp. hahahah..So, when you listen to them always take their words as a joke
  8. They know beauty more than women does and therefore you seeing plenty of them in this kind of profession (Make up artist, Fashion designer, etc) choose them to be your image advisor.
  9.  Usually takes sometimes when they need to be ready. Least hour for shower, hour for make up and another half hour to dress up. That why they also looking good.
  10. They usually are very soft kind hearted people and also an animal lover. 
Hey did you know Belgium is one of the first few country who allowed and legally approved same sex marriage?? Therefore don't get shock when you see this gay pride festival happening every year here in Brussels. It was lots of fun last Saturday to finally having this chance to look through what is exactly happening in Brussels. Either straight, homosexual,bi-sexual or transsexual, everybody seems to be having a great time with plenty of different activities. Music, street dance, parade, a lots of surprised that i am never imagining myself. More about this pride? Check here!!

So guys, take a look at all this pictures and lets all this pictures tell the stories. I am wearing my denim shirt dress from topshop, shades from Veritas.  (Recent purchase), and the rest is just as usual. Owh yeah!! my Burberry tote handbag is definitely authentic.

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