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Thursday, December 31, 2015


It was damn annoying earlier when i have to go to the city center Brussels just to buy one little thing...It so called lemongrass. Yeah.. Lemongrass. If you don't know what lemongrass is.. Just google it. Hahaha. Yeah is true though. Usually in my home country village, we can easily find this lemongrass everywhere without have to go to the city center to buy it. My mum usually plant it behind our house backyard too. Here... Aihhhhh.. Just for that.. Silly ehh..

But then, i have took this opportunity earlier of course by playing dress up and making some picture on my outfit by my own. You know, as a fashionista.. Everyday is a runway, and my runway today is at Brussels, located just around the corner at of the asian shop call Kam Yuen. But then,Even inside the shop, i still called it my runway on my own way. Hahaha.. There is no rule for me when it come to fashion.

So, this is what i have worn earlier. A Vintage Male long sleeve shirt and wool long pant both i bought it at Spit Leuven and each pieces it cost me only €1 . Damn cheap rite? Then the outer vintage trench coat from MeltingPotKilo shop in yellow brown color to match with my polka dot scarf and my vintage Delvaux cross body handbag. To give this old vintage look into something extra more stylish and modern i folded my bottom little higher, the same thing goes with my shirt sleeves and my coat too. Owhh yeah.. Paul frank socks in gray and little bit of red on it and i put it together with my Nike Airforce1 in white. That all. I hope you like the idea? Hihi..