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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


What a day earlier. Hahaha spending my time all alone around the city. One to another vintage store I went into, almost blackout because I was stuck for few hours inside this vintage store 'episode'. Of coz manage to catch one thing which I have been aiming for quite sometimes ago. Craving of eating some sushi, then I went to makisu to grab some sets of sushi.. Ohhhh.. Ate bit too much. Hahahahaha.. Of coz have to lay low little bit after that. Seating at the corner of the Sint Katherine fountain and then.. All the drama of me, photo shooting myself with that selfie stick begin. Hahaha.

Today, I choose to wear something simple and basic. Mom cut denim short, and the white camisole, but I decided to make it little bit dramatic on my look with my new statement necklace gifted from Nein the other day. I thought why not combining this outfit with it. It may little heavy on the whole result but at the end for me choosing to wear simple outfit it doesn't mean the whole result have to be simple. So this is what I want. Simple, touch but little bit glamourous look in it. 

Hoping I have choose the right kimono since there are many more beautiful pieces I have discovered earlier at this vintage store 'episode'. Yeah, this is what I have been telling on my first paragraph. I have been eying this for quite sometimes and never knew the time to grab this come to this end today. The price even is way more lower from €50 than the first time I seen it, now cost me €35. Never doubting the amount I have paid earlier, coz at the end this piece still in a perfect condition. At the back surface of this kimono.. Just wow. What I can say.. Embroidered with a little bit of a Japanese plant/flower print in white and gray color. Simple yet so stylish. One of the kind, pure kimono, from Japan itself because the way how it handcrafted, simply amazing and beautiful. Even the fabric, although kind a thick but this thickness are actually made the look of this Kimono 100% way more beautiful than the one we have nowadays in store. That one not good. The fabric so thin and it can easily tear apart in single push. Lol!! 

Hey, how do you thing of the combination of this kimono, mom cut short, camisole, and statement necklace? Is that something for you too? Until next time! Xx 😘😘

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