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Monday, September 5, 2016


So, just manage to have my time to do more writing since my little girl is back to school. Is easier when she wasn't around so, i can have more time thinking, to have better idea what i can write on my look this time. Owhh i almost forgotten.. I still owe my readers to give some left over secret on how i keep myself skinny and thin without having to take any supplement. I will write it as soon as i have some extra mood in it. Hahahaha..

Ok, let talk about this look. At the beginning i wasn't sure at all  if i am ever buying this beautiful black jumpsuit outfit. It look like a pyjama because it was really baggy, over size, and it in black. By the way, my heart saying why not? This is something about me. I knew black wasn't my favourite color at all but then.. i was thinking why not this time putting total all black on my look. Why not sometimes being different. Classy,trendy and chic. Yet super simple and elegant. I am crazy if i don't buy this pieces. The length is kind a annoying because it was super long. But then looking at it.. Hey it a  60's trend baby. This trend is back on track and i am pretty sure i will see more and more this trend on the next season.

Basically this how i want. When i wear black, for partying or attending some formal event. It always what i want to look sexy in classy and elegant way. I try not to expose my figure too much this time but with a little bit of  lace details on the corner of my back front waist area, neckline, thin layer of strap line then also sleeveless enough to let your imagination goes wild no? hahaha.. Am i trying to hook up here? No no.. It was my own imagination how i want to look like. as classy person? or another way round. Just to look extra more stylish i put on my biker jacket so i wouldn't look like a girl who just got of from the bed and went to ^party. LOL. How is it this time? You love the look?

Owhh yeah : If you're shorter than me at 165cm better be aware. Put on the highest heel you ever had or in any other case, you going to collapse if you are not use to wear this kind a baggy and long length jumpsuit. Hahahaha..

Until next time xx











Biker jacket : Zara
Jumpsuit with lace details : Zara
Handbag ;  DKNY
Choker : Zara

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