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Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Here i reveal the result of our 5 minutes photoshoot just little bit outside of the place where we both working. We did this photoshoot during his lunch hour break with some left over of 10-8 minute just before his break over. The fact, the location and environment of the photoshoot should match what he worn that day. 

Ok! Urban hipster? What is all that about? Let's take a look at what is urban and hipster on what does he worn the other day. Urban in this context means modern, trendy and stylish. Hipster are means traditional and vintage. So, when are this 2 elements been combined together so it became urban hipster means extra stylish, super trendy, super fresh, and the most important thing.. This outfit cannot be an boring outfit. If I am become him, of coz this is kind a outfit I am going to wear. 

Looking at what he worn the other day. The dungarees .. Any guy wearing dungarees this days? No.. I don't see it much, I seen only on girls this days. Seeing how does he style his dungarees too? That cannot be wrong at all. That is an additional extra point. That is a must. He is so creative to style his outfit when he pull off one side of the dungarees tie back down casually. What a style monster he is!! Perfect blue strip tshirt to make a perfect combination on with the dungarees. Although it a simple t-shirt but remember, less is always more!  Last and not the least, the bandana. One of an element of being hipster. This one kind of remind me with The Beatles band in the 60's and 70's fashion style. Watch out.. Bandana not only for women nowadays. Bandana is for every mankind. Much more to explain, but I would rather not. Because the more I explain.. The more you getting bored of me. Hahahaha 

Then, the background too, talking about hipster.. I choose to edit the photo with kinds a 60's filters, then an additional to that.. The environment.. Bicycles at every corners, some of the old background buildings. Tried as best as I can to take his picture in every different angles. Hoping you all like it! Enjoy browsing xx

Here are some of the details on what he worn the other day 
Dungaress : Zara 
T-shirt : H&M 
Bandana : Jack & Jones 
Sneaker : Jack & Jones 
Shades : Jack & Jones 

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