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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


As the time flies, so the season too..Omg... Not my favorite month at all. I don't know how long more can my body adapting to this cold, wet, windy, snowing season. It has almost been 4 years but still I am.... complaining, complaining and complaining.. LOL. I am hoping my readers not getting sick of me doing it. I have been sick for the past 1 week ago, and I am still until now. But, for now my conditions are much more better than ever.

So, let talk and `discuss` of my recent outfit look. In love with this beige color varsity sweater with a big A alphabetical letter in it. I thought suit my name too. A for Ain. LOL.. Ehhhh ehhhh.. No, no.. A for Abercrombie and Fitch.  I bought it on Small size but take a look at the sleeves part. Is little bit longer but who cares rite? Hihihi.. I thought I set it into the style itself. The choker that I made it as a bracelet and I tight it closely on top of the sleeves. Not a trick but to be honest kind a idea for not letting the wind go beneath my arm. Hahahaha.. It work well by the way. As to freshen up this look then I put my statement baseball cap following the same colour as my alphabetical varsity sweater. Simple, casual, easy, boyish and rough but still cute no?? hahahahaha.. Cute because of the hair braid, trendy and boyish because of the mix between oversized and that baseball cap it self. Simple and casual when are all those element combined together. Owwwwhhhhh.. I need to eat rite now. I am super hungry....

Until next time. xx
Sweater - On Sale
Bracelet - Zara Choker (New)
Baseball cap - H&M Men department (New)
Shoes - Adidas Slips On
Handbag - Vintage Delvaux