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Thursday, October 6, 2016


There are lots to explain about this look. But first..Minimal? What does it means by minimal in this fashion world? It easy. Minimal means clean look based on the design, pattern, cutting, color, and even the style. Basically it means being simple without any much of print distraction or too many color combination on the outfit. Isn't it simple?

It was fun to play with this outfit today. Although i am not a minimalist fashion lover but somehow i have to do it too. This happened when i have 'bump' into this beautiful check jumpsuit last Sunday at one of the store at the city where i work. It was really a quick decision when i bought this piece since there a 50% discount on it. So, why not? Nothing hunts me for the thing i didn't buy. Secondly i realized the fabric of this jumpsuit will keep me warm during this season because it makes from viscose. Super delicate based on the texture, quality.. Of coz with that such amount of discount. Why not buying it. Owhhhh.. Came with pockets on the right and left side of the jumpsuit.

Then, i thought how can i wear this short sleeve jumpsuit during this season?? Owhh of coz i will always think out of the box..Be creative no? Of coz there will be an additional inner wear before i can put this jumpsuit on. Basic knit lining designed in turtle neck and gray in color. Just perfect to match it with that gray plaid line that i had on my jumpsuit, then the same thing goes to my jacket too. Perfect overall. But does it look can be call still minimal? I thought that cross body vintage handbag distract the perfect appearance of this look. But then... Hahahaha no!! Please don't say it because the color of that handbag match my skin color perfectly. Hahahaha

Jumpsuit : WEfashion €30 (New)
Basic Knit : WEfashion €24.95 (New)
Coat : Zara Double Button Masculine coat €69.95 (New)
Scarf : H&M

Ok! Lets sleep. I have to work tomorrow. xx
Until next time

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