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Monday, October 17, 2016


I am In love like never before. seeing myself on this whole idea of this outfit. Not to forget the whole background fall scenarios. Green leaves which are now changed the colors mostly little by little.Is beautiful isn't it?The colors are still matching on each other shades although came with many different kind of gradients. Mother nature.. Kind a fashionable too.. Hihihi..

This time of the year on October, for sure sweater/sweatshirt/pullover/knit are one of the most needed and very important items in everyone closet. So do i too. My over sized game this season will definitely goes to sweat wear. This piece ive bought at one of h&m outlet in Brussels 3 weeks ago. Took me actually ages to decide if i would take this piece home because knowing myself h&m product usually didn't reach part of my fashion expectation. But, this piece was exceptional. Once in a while is ok no? I mostly love the massive tiger printed on the middle of the sweater itself, the over sized pattern(the one i worn is on XS size), still look big ehh?? and it turtle neck. Even the sleeves are kind a long enough like there no winter/autumn gloves needed. Hahahaha.. But seriously it works. At the same times it brown in color. Who doesn't love brown?

Over sized sweater, then wrap and pleated on my skirt. As you can see the whole idea of this outfit. Mostly i can say this look is contemporary urban with a touch of little bit vintage. I don't think any of you have seen any wrap and pleated skirt in the market lately. I can confirm you don't because this skirt i bought last year at my favourite vintage store in Leuven. To be honest this piece have never been worn because when the time i found it, there is still an old price tag sticking on it. It came and made all the way from Japan. Sophisticated and delicate piece and look super stylish on the cutting. Cost me only €1 when the time i bought it.

How i combined this pieces into to become one new different outfit? Do you like the way how i mix the colour between brown and gray this time? Was it little too much? How about that brown cross body handbag which I've paired it on the whole outfit? Didn't this look gave me little bit more relax and casual? Do i look comfortable,urban, stylish, sportive, modern, contemporary in this outfit?







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