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Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Hey everyone,

Layering season officially arrived. Kind a breezy lately, temperatures are getting lesser time by time, so do the nature. No more sounds of birds chirping around, leaves are started to change the colours and falling all around time by time. As nature and the season change so do i. Ehhh ehh.. Wait.. I am changing too?? Hahahaha.. No no.. i am not changing any of my face or either my body. The only changes i am made definately of coz the way how i layer my outfit during this cold season. At this moment, for me the thicker the layer the better because i can easily avoid the cold and being annoyed with the season as soon as i leave the house.

So, let talk about the outfit i have worn during my working day yesterday.

Biker dungarees : I bought it at jennyfer during their sales season last year. Cost me at only €15, and this is my second time i feature this dungaree on my blogspot. Incase you havent seen the other previous article, you may have to click this link.

Sweater : It is a mix between black and gray on the colors, featured with turtle neck and the length is almost like a crop top kind a sweater and came with a beautiful stylish asymmetric pattern cut. I thought this goes well with the style of dungarees that i have on me yesterday. It came from the vintage store somewhere in Brussels which cost me less than €5. Hihihi.. 

T-Shirt : Not to worry. You can still get this brand new t-shirt from the shop where i work at the moment. Brand new piece cost me less than €20. Came with high cut on the neck area, minimal and asymmetric cut, and kind a thick on the fabric. Highly recomanded to buy this pieces because it suit the kind of weather we had in here lately. I thought to put this t-shirt on top of the sweater it self. Beyond ordinary and i tried to go away with the style everyone always wear, and with this kind of new touch and style.. Am i innovative enough? Does this style fit the whole entire look? 

Biker Jacket : The last layered i couldve made on this outfit. I thought why not? Biker dungarees with biker jacket. Kind a awesome no? Hahahah btw i totally love it. Fit and match perfectly. At the end, at the look, i am looking super stylish, sportive, enrich with touch of rock and not to mention too.. It super classy. This outfit is make me feel awesome, great as ever. Ehhh ehhh.. Where is my superbike then? Hahahahaha

Biker dungarees : Byjennyfer
Sweater : Vintage Kiloshop
T-Shirt : Jack and Jones
Biker jacket : Zara
Statement handbag : Barbararihls
Shades : Unknown

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