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Sunday, November 27, 2016


I may no longer writing much on my blogspot, but there are many thing you have to know nothing kill my vibes when it come to my fashion and style. I am deeply sorry for have not been writing any much article on my blogspot lately. Laziness, no longer motivated, too busy on my daily life, pc and my iPad breakdown. So that the reasons... owh forgot to mention? Do you guys even read my articles?

Owhh..Since I've got a new super good quality portrait lens for my camera, better resolution, more blurry image on the background like how I always wanted to be, so there is no other reason of not making a good comeback. So far I am damn super happy with the result of this lens. Never say never to this samyang lens f1.4/85mm who totally made my dream came through and as well to my husband.

Hey, for now.. lets talk about this outfit look.. like how I said nothing and even nobody can kill my vintage vibes. This piece uniquely structured in asymmetric pattern, high loose turtle neck, middle length cut, and with little beautiful ribbon details wrapped around the waist area.. how can I not fall in love with it. Then as well almost brownish to pinkies on the color. With all this unique and special features enough of making this dress as a new addition of my vintage clothing collection on my wardrobe. Hihi.

Then I've paired this piece with my new black platform boot I've bought from bershka, together with it of course michealkors black tote handbag. I was wondering is that match perfectly together? Do you like the combination? Actually, it take ages of me to think of what is the best combinations I can put on this outfit. At the end I said.. what ever and I don't give a *uck to the whole entire result at all. For me as long as I walk with confidences and be happy with it, that enough. So that my conclusions of nothing can kill my vintage and fashion vibes.

Dress : MeltingPotKilo €9
Handbag : Michealkors tote
Boots : Bershka
Rings : Bershka