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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Hello fashionistas.....

Hey.. Being nerd? Or another terms? Being studious and all time serious? Hahahah.. Often being nerd can be always related during our study/school time rite?? Either in primary, secondary or university often everyone can detect easily who is the most nerdiest student during those time. Thick dark colour glasses with a super conservative ways of dress up, super quiet among the rest of student, but yet smart and reliable in any kind of project/school task. Isn't it super easy to detect one them? Hahaha..

Watching many kind of movie/drama on television often i am kind a think that usually being nerd can be easily get bullied by the most naughtiest student in the school. What was it in reality? As of until now i am still wondering. So, today let talk about #nerdfashion. Hey don't be scared of having people around calling you nerdy because of your personalities and what your are wearing. Believe it or not, being nerds are also one of the trend rite now.

As an example Haha.. The glasses i am currently wearing rite now. I bought it years ago at one of the spectacle shop nearby my house. One of the reason i choose to buy this glasses because of the great fitting on the first time i have tried this on. The other reason because black in color and i know having to choose black i can simply match it to any kind of outfit i am wearing. Thirdly is also because of the shape.. As i know myself, to think of buying what is on trend in the market doesn't make me feel great. To be honest on glasses? I don't buy based on trend. Trend goes away and so the style to. So, i choose something little bit more conservative so i could use it longer. So, another way to look little bit more nerd yet still trendy? Ok, maybe your hairdo?? Simplified your hairdo look..just tight it like how i do on my recent outfit look.. Make it it loose and place it beside your shoulder. There you go.

Wait... Nerdy but you still want to look super trendy isn't it?? Don't worry... I just compromised that nerdy look with my outfit game. As an example. Today i have my glasses on. I casually took my rugged boyfriend jeans i bought previously from Zara (Rugged jeans on trend to).. Then i simply paired it with my military vintage sweater from my recent purchase at think twiceleuven. I simply bought it in over sized because over sized rite now are on trend. I will reveal the price of this sweater on my next formal military attire look later. Stay tune. Hihi.. So that it? What do you think of this outfit combination? Trendy and stylish enough to against that nerdy look on my face. Do you like the my outfit game this time??

Hey don't forget, high cut socks are also on trend rite now, just match it with your outfit color/style/look. Buy it in medium size cut. But is only good on sneakers.That it.
Until next time. xx

I am wearing : Adidas Stan Smith, Socks : By Veritas, Rugged Jeans : Zara, Gym bag : Nike by FootLocker, Glasses : Fendi Eyewear, Military Sweater : ThinkTwice Leuven