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Saturday, November 28, 2015


Hello everyone! 

Hey, excuse myself on my disappearance for almost a month without any much update on my blogspot. This laziness brings me nowhere. But at the same time I am also not in the mood in writing, and most of my free time are long gone due to the course I've recently joined at VDAB. Owhhh yeah, I've passed the first evaluation with some of great marks tho!! Actually kind a proud of myself.. To be in the society that I am never thought I am belong, able to communicate more in Nederland as a outsider.. Hell yeah! Such a hard time living in this different cultures, far from my original country where I born, far even from my family and friends. Difficulties brought me down sometimes, but most of the time.. Difficulties gave me strength in so many ways. 

So, let's talk about this articles. It was 3 weeks ago when me and him decided to have little fun time together. We plan of going to vintage shop meltingpotkilo in Brussels, but first, he have to get through some outfit photoshoot with me. Hihih.. Looking at his face emotion, I have never thought he could be that fierce because in real... Hahaha.. He is one of a kind.. Crazy and funny to hang out with. I can still remember at one time when we both stuck at the one metro stop just because we both couldn't stop laughing..Hahahah imagine that? We both stop and relax for little time because we both wanna have some 'hardtime' laugh hard. 😂😂😂😂

So, here are the details of what Sam wearing
Trench coat : Mexx 
Sneakers : adidas superstar
Trousers : Vintage thinktwicele Antwerp 
Top : Hnm by Alexander Wang 
Bag pack : urban outfitters 
Watches : Casio in Gold version  

Till next time guys! On my other update! 😘😘