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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Exactly at around 08.45hrs today, I was decided to have a little coffee at the cafe before my class begin. As my usual habit, half cup of dark coffee and another half filled up with milk, and  two little cubes of sugar... I've mixed up all the contain, and then I turned around to take my seat and in sudden...

By looking at her! Omg!! Who is this chic?? Now, Ive felt like I do not need a coffee anymore.. Hahahaha yes! It's true!! She is a real classy feminine fashionista. My eyes are big open and get almost 'bloated' by looking at her total outfit today!! And I am immediately expressing myself to her.. Hey!! You look so pretty and your outfits is so damn perfect!!! 

So, today I was lucky enough to have my camera with me and I have made a proposal to do some outfit photo shoot for her. I was happy enough to roled myself like a real professional photographer, and also as a director/producer for her whole outfit photo shoot. So do her too, she is also happy enough to role herself as a model today. Hihi..By seeing at her energy and action took me only 10 minutes the snap on what i am really wanted. 

Look at her outdo. She totally know how to blend, combining and at the same time balancing the colour on each part of her outfit. Super great contrast and just damn perfect from the way i have seen it, even in real. It is totally warming up my heart and most of all, my eyes could not give even a blink when i saw her earlier. So casual but at the same time still as fabulous and glamorous as ever. What do you think of her look? Do you like it?

By now, i am too tired already.  Most of my 80% brain and head are being used. Of course to the good. So, until next time.  Anyway her name is Gladys, she is one of my classmate who took the same course as me. Ok enough talking. Bye bye.

Much love

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